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Kamui Sky Blue 1.21B "Beta" Pool Chalk 1 Cube

Kamui Sky Blue 1.21B "Beta" Pool Chalk 1 Cube
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Kamui Sky Blue 1.21B "BETA" pool cue chalk 1 cube. "BETA" chalk is 36% Larger(Same size as standard chalk).Kamui chalk 1.21 improved longevity, with a harder compound, giving the player more confidence with a pre-shot routine. Reduced compound transfer to the cue ball.
PRICE: $34.94 $27.95
Product ID : KCHALKSKY121
Product ID: KCHALKSKY121
Color: Blue
Pack Size: 1 Piece

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by REddings
REddings bought
"Kamui Sky Blue 1.21B "Beta" Pool Chalk 1 Cube"

Kamui 1.21b Sky Blue

I couldn't really tell much of a difference in 1.21 vs 0.98. It might last longer than 1.21b but it's close. Performed just like the 0.98, which is good. I can still only chalk once a game and not have any fear a miscue. Consistency might be thicker. All in all it's a great chalk just like 0.98.
Reviewed by RFRESQUEZ
"Kamui Sky Blue 1.21B "Beta" Pool Chalk 1 Cube"

Kamui Sky Blue

I took the leap and spent the $27.95 for one piece of chalk. Exceeded my expectations. Application is easy and last a lot longer than other brand I was using. I'm sold, Kamui you have a loyal customer.
Reviewed by SkyKidFalken
SkyKidFalken bought
"Kamui Sky Blue 1.21B "Beta" Pool Chalk 1 Cube"

30 Dollars Blue Diamond

It's a great chalk. But for nearly 30 dollars, better stick with the 0.98 which performs better and last longer, or buy a bunch of Blue Diamond instead.

"got my mcdermott g212 in the mail today and i love it thanks seyberts info on the g212 the picture on the website make it look bright but it is a nice dark red and the way you guys ship your cue is flawless you can not bend the tube protecting the cue"

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