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Kamui Sky Blue 0.98B "Beta" Pool Chalk 1 Cube

Kamui Sky Blue 0.98B "Beta" Pool Chalk 1 Cube
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Kamui Sky Blue 0.98B "BETA" pool cue chalk 1 cube. "BETA" chalk is 36% Larger(Same size as standard chalk). Kamui chalk contains a much finer particle size then the standard chalk. The purpose of this is to maximize the friction and offer a larger sweet spot to generate more spin to the cue ball.
PRICE: $34.94 $27.95
Product ID : KCHALKSKY98
Color: Blue
Pack Size: 1 Piece

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by ahakeem2002

Awesome chalk

I know it's pricey but wow it's worth it. My friend and I did a trial and we were able to play 3-4 full 8 ball games with ONE single chalking of our tips and we played every shot we wanted.. draw included. With another chalk we may have had to apply it to the tip every other shot.. This chalk will last for a long long time.
Reviewed by YuriV
YuriV bought
"Kamui Sky Blue 0.98B "Beta" Pool Chalk 1 Cube"

Simply the Best

I've long been reticent to spend the money on this chalk; however, I tried a friends' and was immediately sold. This stuff is like velvet. It's tough to explain - it holds on to the tip and you really only need to chalk once a game. It is unlike any other chalk on the market. Yes, it is expensive - but if you're a competitive pool player the value is unmistakable. Improved English, feel and control and the stuff lasts a long time. Be sure to watch Kamui's video on how to apply it as this is not your standard "apply every shot" stuff.
Reviewed by REddings
REddings bought
"Kamui Sky Blue 0.98B "Beta" Pool Chalk 1 Cube"

Great chalk

I was very hesitant for years about Kamui chalk. It goes on the tip like makeup. Very smooth consistency. However, it does scar the cue ball up a little and leaves more chalk on the felt than most brands. But, you can actually chalk once per game and not have a miscue. So there is a tradeoff but I think it's worth it.
Reviewed by SeybertsCustomer

The Best

This is simply the best chalk out there.
I don't understand reluctance and in some cases stubbornness that some people have in trying this.
It's 30 bucks! So what? It's one tank of gas - that you would finish in a few days and this stuff will last months and months with hours of pool playing every week.
One of the major things noticed right away is that I didn't need to scuff up the tips nearly as often as before. I can go weeks without scuffing whereas before I was scuffing every single day before I started playing.
The only thing that comes close is the 1.28. I love it too but this is even better.
Chalk once each 8-ball/9-ball game and you're done for the rest of the game and can just concentrate on the game. Then in the following games all you do is light touch-ups. No hard rubbing. Just a light breeze and you're good to go for 20 shots easily.
It's great to be able to just think about your shot and not worry about anything but the shot. Yes, some say chalking is a part of their pre-shot routine but if you could skip it you could concentrate even harder on the game once you get used to the added freedom.
Try it. It will last you months and you'll never want to use anything else.
Reviewed by tsuha96
tsuha96 bought
"Kamui Sky Blue 0.98B "Beta" Pool Chalk 1 Cube"

This stuff is...

I just got my chalk yesterday. While I do love it, I'm not going to argue whether the chalk developed more spin on the cue ball or whatever of that nature. What I will say is that this chalk let me take 50 shots, and even then I didn't miscue. Of course on every shot I wasn't using extreme english but I did make sure to use non-center ball on every single shot to test how long this will last. I played pool yesterday for over 2 hours and I only chalked 6 times.

Definitely worth the 30 bucks imo. I would definitely buy it again.
Reviewed by jpalac
jpalac bought
"Kamui Sky Blue 0.98B "Beta" Pool Chalk 1 Cube"

Amazing chalk

It is a very good chalk BUT is still pricey.
Reviewed by Catski

Still $$$

The chalk is still pricey, but I still like it. Now that I can fit it into the Kamui chalk holder I purchased with my first cube and it is actually the size standard cubes are Im a bit happier. Im sure whatever magic formula theyre using is making them millions. I still carry Blue Diamond and Masters. But I like the action the chalk seems to impart on the cueball.
Yes, I will buy it again. Maybe Ill try the 1.21 version next time so I can compare them.
Reviewed by Souforte
Souforte bought
"Kamui Sky Blue 0.98B "Beta" Pool Chalk 1 Cube"

Amazing as always

And now plus 36% duration, and fits perfectly any standard chalk case :)

"My last order was for a set of rails for my 50 year old 8 foot table. One of your employees called me about my order and discussed it with me and made some very good suggestions. I took his suggestions and after installing the rails on my old table it made it look like a brand new table. I can't tell you how pleased I am with your company and ..."

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