HXTP1 Pure X Jump / Break Cue With Free HXT Play Shaft

HXTP1 Pure X Jump / Break Cue With Free HXT Play Shaft
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The HXTP1 HXT Pure X Jump Break Cue gives you ultimate control over your game, with three interchangeable quick release joints that let you pick your perfect shot, use just the forward Air Flight portion with ergonomic flared handle for supershort vertical shots, add the jump extender for longer shots, combine the Air Flight plus Power Driver for more torque and leverage, or go full length with the Air Flight plus Long Jump plus Power Driver for explosive breaks. Make those impossible shots look easy.
PRICE: $259.99 $220.99
Product ID : HXTP1
Product ID: HXTP1
Cue Type: Jump/Break
Shaft Type: Pure X HXT
Joint Type: Turbo Lock
Cue Tip: Phenolic Tip
Shaft Diameter: 14mm
Shaft Length: 29 Inch
Shaft Taper: Pro Taper
Joint Collar: Implex
Cue Wrap: Sports Grip
Wood Type: Maple - Hard
HXT 11.75mm Play Shaft {FREE}
HXT 12.75mm Play Shaft {FREE}

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Reviewed by vlogic13
vlogic13 bought
"HXTP1 Pure X Jump / Break Cue With Free HXT Play Shaft"
at seyberts.com


Love this cue - great feel, and amazing balance. The workmanship and finish is great. Only concern is - how long will the rubberized handle last?
You may not be able to see it clearly in the pics, but the ring by the shaft joint is black carbon fiber - nice touch!

For me personally - I have a snappy break, so it was slightly too heavy for me. Quick fix - I just removed the bolt. Consistently making balls on the break in 8 ball - 9 ball, fogettaboutit...

I am not too experienced with jumping, but I let a friend give it a whirl, and he loved it. He tried both long and short jump shots. That being said - he is an experienced shooter. .

Personally, I would recommend this cue a friend without hesitation.
Reviewed by Erwin

Best J/B Cue Deal Available

Break cue + shaft is the best deal avaialble.
Can't yet speak about jump quality-bought the cue to learn how.

11.75 mm shaft is excellent quality, Kamui soft is as good as I need.
To my surprise, I have more precise cue ball control (especially draw) than with my Viking/OB+.

Am adjusting Viking weights to see if it is just the cue (with rubber grip).
Seems really well constructed. I buy playability, which is what this cue has.

White Diamond tip goes through a 9 ball rack like an 18 wheeler, even though I am not a "power breaker."

Be certain your case can handle larger rubber grip without too much wear.
Reviewed by Dropdeadly
Dropdeadly bought
"HXTP1 Pure X Jump / Break Cue With Free HXT Play Shaft"
at seyberts.com

Fantastic B/J cue

I have owned this B/J cue for about 6 months now and I have to say it is wonderful! I do wish when breaking it down into the Jump section that it was just a tad lighter but still I can not complain. The breaking on this is fantastic I used to break with a 32oz cue I used to think the heavier was the way to go I was way wrong!

After getting this beauty I had more controlled breaks and less of that (Flying off the table break) I can break from just about anywhere on the table and I can keep good control while maintaining a hard break, it allows me to use that wrist snap motion to get that good 9 Ball break!

The jump section is just as good, I am currently learning to jump ( I can do it just not efficient and consistent). I tried just a regular jump cue and I still have the same issues so I really don't think its the cue it's more me than anything of course =). But so far i can get good jumps from it and I love it.
Reviewed by southerneagle48867

HXT Players pure X

This is an awesome jump/break cue, the many different combinations of use is impressionable! This cue breaks down in 4 places making jumping over a ball simple! The rubberized wrap at the back of the cue helps get the maximum power behind the break! I have the black and white versions of this cue! My son likes to change the butt pieces so they are black and white. This is an all around awesome cue! Have the Predater bk2 as well and prefer to use this cue more often. I feel you get more bang for your buck with this cue! Nitewolf Billiards
Reviewed by greenlight19
greenlight19 bought
"HXTP1 Pure X Jump / Break Cue With Free HXT Play Shaft"
at seyberts.com

pure x > bk2

I am really impressed with this break cue! I've owned every generation of the predator bk break cues, and this is right up there with them. Feels like you're driving a truck into the rack, awsome cue ball control, and sends very little vibration through the cue. What brings it over the top, and also makes it better than the bk2 in my opinion is its jumping capabilities. Short light jump cue for the close jump, longer heavier jump cue for long jumps, and it jumps awsome full cue as well. So don't let the players brand name fool you, thus thing is an absolute monster. I would highly recommend thus cue to any one of any skill level.

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What Our Customers Have To Say
" Took the trip to Seyberts for couple tip changes on the two shafts for my Kj cue, went from the stock tips on both the Kj shaft and the Z2 for my Kj cue to putting Kamui soft tips on both. Rick and the guys at seyberts Got them both done in less than 20 min. How great is that!I also picked up some Predator chalk, and yes its as good as the Pros..."

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