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JB Ultimate Rugged 4x8 Cue Cases

JB Ultimate Rugged 4x8 cues cases. These cases are constructed of durable heavy duty nylon material. The padded interior provides protection for your cues. The JB Ultimate Rugged Case has 3 storage compartments with double zippers. The bottom compartment has a jump handle side compartment. Completed with nice adjustable padded shoulder strap and clip fasteners. Cues have to be loaded with the joint up on both butts and shafts.

JB Ultimate Rugged 4x8 Pink Zebra Cue Case
Item - 48URPKZEB
JB 4x8 Ultimate Rugged pink zebra cue case. This case...

Predator Travel Bag
The Predator Travel Bag is an added safeguard for your...
JB Rugged Case Ball Holder
Item - JBBHxx
JB Rugged cue case ball holder. The JB ball holder is...
JB Rugged Case Shoulder Strap
JB Rugged cue case replacement or add on case shoulder...
JB Rugged Case Large Pocket Tray With Divider
Item - JBPTB
JB Rugged cue case bottom large pocket tray. This...
JB Ultimate Rugged 4x8 Blue Cue Case
Item - JBUR48BL
JB 4x8 Ultimate Rugged blue cue case. This case is...

JB Ultimate Rugged 4x8 Brown Cue Case
Item - JBUR48BR
JB 4x8 Ultimate Rugged brown cue case. This case is...

JB Ultimate Rugged 4x8 Blue Black Cue Case
JB 4x8 Ultimate Rugged blue and black cue case. This...

JB Ultimate Rugged 4x8 Black Yellow Cue Case
Item - 48URBKGD
JB 4x8 Ultimate Rugged black and yellow cue case. This...

JB Ultimate Rugged 4x8 Black Copper Cue Case
Item - 48URBKCP
JB 4x8 Ultimate Rugged black and copper cue case. This...

JB Rugged Case Phone Sleeve
Item - JBPS
JB Rugged cue case phone sleeve. This phone sleeve has a...
JB Rugged Case Small Middle Pocket Tray With Divider
Item - JBPTS
JB Rugged cue case middle pocket tray. This pocket...
JB Rugged Case Towel Ring
Item - JBTR
JB Rugged cue case towel ring. The towel ring has a heavy...

"I looked at new cues for weeks before finally calling. I spoke to Cory (I appreciate his thoughts and knowledge)and decided to go ahead and order my cue. I'm glad I called, thanks again for everything, great experience!!"

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