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JB Rugged Case Large Pocket Tray With Divider

JB Rugged Case Large Pocket Tray With Divider
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JB Rugged cue case bottom large pocket tray. This bottom pocket tray is designed to to keep your items organized. Tray has 2 Velcro attachment on the back to hold secure in pocket along with adjustable dividers in the tray to adjust to needed size.  Tray is all black and measures 15.25" x 3.25".
Product ID : JBPTB
Product ID: JBPTB

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by papa_fox1

Nice addition

Its ok but if you want to use the jump cue pocket, this takes up the room for that. Needs to be narrower to allow for use of the jump cue pocket. Kinda feel like I threw my money away for this. Will have to figure out how to modify it to allow for al my toys. It is nice for separating items so you don't have to dig around.

" Took the trip to Seyberts for couple tip changes on the two shafts for my Kj cue, went from the stock tips on both the Kj shaft and the Z2 for my Kj cue to putting Kamui soft tips on both. Rick and the guys at seyberts Got them both done in less than 20 min. How great is that!I also picked up some Predator chalk, and yes its as good as the Pros..."

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