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Jacoby HB Series

Jacoby HB series pool cues are select cues used in this series. Cue constructed from exotic wood from Zircote to Olivewood with a wide variety of inlay work like Ebony, Blue Lapis, and Turquoise. Every cue is a piece of are and comes with the Jacoby High Performance Edge Hybrid shaft so it will play as nice as it looks.
Jacoby HB2 Cocobolo 4 Point Pool Cue
Item - HB2
Jacoby HB2 custom pool cue. This cue has a beautiful...
$795.00 $715.50

Jacoby HB3 Bocote with Curly Maple Point Cue
Item - HB3
Jacoby HB3 Pool cue has a Bacote forearm with 4 Curly...
$995.00 $895.50

Jacoby HB5 Olivewood with Ebony Points Pool Cue
Item - HB5
Jacoby HB5 custom pool cue. This cue has a Olivewood...
$1,225.00 $1,102.50

Jacoby HB6 Maple Bloody Basin Jasper Pool Cue
Item - HB6
Jacoby HB6 custom pool cue. This cue has a natural...
$1,395.00 $1,255.50

Jacoby HB8 Zircote Buffalo Turquoise Pool Cue
Item - HB8
Jacoby HB8 custom pool cue. This cue has a Zircote...
$1,495.00 $1,345.50


"Hi I have got the cue today !! It's so beautiful and so cool ! I'm 100% satisfied. There's always a next time. Thank you very much ! FROM Kazunori MITOMI "

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