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3X5 Instroke Black Vinyl Cowboy Case

3X5 Instroke Black Vinyl Cowboy Case
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Considered by most to be the best cue case in the industry today, Instroke cue cases are unmatched for quality material and workmanship to provide you with the very best protection for your pool cue investment. Each Instroke case has a side pocket for a jump cue handle. Cue butts and shafts can be put in either way easily. Each of the Saddle Series cases are hand stained. Colors may vary from what is pictured.
PRICE: $279.00 $223.20

Product ID : VC35B
Product ID: VC35B
Cue Configuration: 3 Butts - 5 Shafts
Interior Length: 32"
Exterior Material: Vinyl
Jump Handle Compartment: Yes
Case Type: Hard Case
Exterior Dimensions: 34" X 6"
Case Shape: Oval
Handle Location: Top And Side Handle
Shoulder Strap: Side Strap
Pockets: 2 Pockets
Top Pocket Size: 4" X 7"
Bottom Pocket Size: 4" X 15"
Loading Direction: Bi-Directional
Interior Design: Tubed Interior
Lid Closure: Twist Clasp
Warranty Info: 1 Year

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by steffenmidthun

Love this Case

Thanks for a lovley case. i absolute love it! fits all my pool stuff. and its so easy to take out 1 shaft and 1 butt. dont need to tilt the case to get something out.
Reviewed by abduln
abduln bought
"3X5 Instroke Black Vinyl Cowboy Case"

Fantastic Case...

I bought this case needing more capacity (replacing a generic 2x2 with this 3x5). While this is a bit bigger in cross-section than my 2x2, the oval shape is very efficient, looks good, and minimizes the size so it doesn’t feel big when I sling it over my shoulder.

The inside is tube construction with non-abrasive cushioned lining. When the shafts and butts are inserted, about 1.5 to 2 inches of each remain exposed so you can reach in and grab the specific item you want with no trouble; there is plenty of room in the mouth of the case to grab the desired shaft or butt, even with my big hands. Yet the cue parts are separated and protected well and are completely safe.

The vinyl case material is solid and high quality, but not as nice as the leather cases. I was told by a vendor at the US Open in Vegas that this would survive better than the GEO recycled leather, in her experience. While it looks like matte black leather five-plus feet away, up close you can tell it’s vinyl. I didn’t want leather though, so I’m very happy with it (the cows are happy with it) and I won’t cry when somebody steps on it or spills coffee all over it.

In general, this case seems to be a little longer than the generics by a couple inches. The big pocket has little more room and is easier to access than my generic (in width, length, and depth), and it comfortably holds my stuff where my old case broke due to all my stuff. The side pocket has a main compartment for the odds and ends, and there is a discrete side zipper which opens to store your jump handle.

The small pocket has more room than my g

"I have made numerous small purchases with great satisfaction from Seyberts. Recently I decided to purchase a Pechauer custom cue from them. Cory spent a lot of time on the phone answering my questions and giving me advice. I ordered the P9 with 30" OB2 low deflection shaft with a Kamui black super soft tip. They shipped the same day and I receiv..."

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