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3X7 Instroke Leather Buffalo Cue Case

3X7 Instroke Leather Buffalo Cue Case
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Instroke Buffalo Leather Cases are made from a high grade of vegetable-tanned leather. Instroke Buffalo cases look great, feel great, wear well, and give your cues the protection o­nly Instroke can provide. Instroke Buffalo cases are available in a medium brown color only.
PRICE: $489.00 $391.20

Product ID : BC3X7
Product ID: BC3X7
Cue Configuration: 3 Butts - 7 Shafts
Interior Length: 32"
Exterior Material: Leather
Jump Handle Compartment: Yes
Case Type: Hard Case
Exterior Dimensions: 34" X 6"
Case Shape: Oval
Handle Location: Top And Side Handle
Shoulder Strap: Side Strap
Pockets: 2 Pockets
Top Pocket Size: 4" X 7"
Bottom Pocket Size: 4" X 15"
Loading Direction: Bi-Directional
Interior Design: Tubed Interior
Lid Closure: Twist Clasp
Warranty Info: 1 Year

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by zmuirbrook
zmuirbrook bought
"3X7 Instroke Leather Buffalo Cue Case"

So Far I love it!

I have only had this case for a couple months. But I had a Geo line 2x4 for around 12 years.

Looks: This case looks amazing. The color is great, but from what I noticed researching they seem to vary. Mine seems pretty close to the stock photo here. Maybe a touch darker. It has a suede like soft look and touch to it that you cant tell from these pics.

Protection: The protection of this case is outstanding. The snug fit of the tube style holders is very protective. They also have a hard outer shell to top it off. The sticks can go in either way reducing the possibility of damaged joints if you don't have protectors. The only caveat is that the jump handle is not as protected. There is just thin fabric separating the main compartment from the jump handle. Hard objects in the main compartment could damage the handle.

Function: They fit my longer shafts with joint protectors easily. The jump cue holder is handy although I usually have to shift the contents of the main compartment to put it back in. I did stick a cardboard tube in the jump holder. It serves both to protect the handle and to hold its place while in use. That would have been a nice feature to include (or at least a stiffer leather divider). Also the compartments themselves are a little small for my preference.

Durability: I obviously can't say how this will hold up yet. My previous Geo case held up pretty good, but after about 10 years of use the handle on top wore off, and the side handle was starting to. But that was a lot of weight for those thin handles and I NEVER used the shoulder strap. Later I affixed the shoulder strap to the side handle to beef it up. I started out that way on the new Buffalo case. But that is just a precaution, I expect it to hold up better. The softer leather seems like it will flex better and not wear out as fast. But that may be offset by the added weight of the 3x7. Only time will tell.

"I purchaced a "LUCASI LE61 Limited editition,9of 25.When I opened the box and pulled out the cue,I noticed the cue had a chip on the Butt..I called Seyberts and they were so helpful,In less then an hour,Seyberts had E-mailed aNEW Return UPS Shipping label,so they can replace the damaged one..I got my new one like in 4 days,very impressed with SE..."

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