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Overall Rating: 96.86%
Average Rating: 9.69/10
I ordered a Pechauer Black Ice shaft and a Pechauer Rogue shaft with a tip change on Tuesday and the order was at my door in western Georgia Thursday afternoon. Two days with a tip change! Won't be placing orders like this with my local billiard supply store any longer. I wish I had known about Seybert's sooner. Thanks, you all rock.
Michael Pinson
WOW, You guys are the Best. From your sales and product discounts to your callbacks on my orders and fast service and great packing to delivery with a tracking # and date. I've never had a problem. Just like this Weekend, I order new a Pechauer LDS shaft for my cue and first thing Monday morning you Email and then call me to advise me the shaft I order was out of stock and you had it 30 in and would that be ok. By Monday afternoon you had it ship and it shows up at my door Wednesday at noon in a well pack cylinder tube. Checking it fit on my J.Pechauer Jp cue. I can not wait to give it work out on the tables. Every time you guys do your best. I love good service, after being in field service for 40 years my self. And most important is to let people know they doing a great job. Thank you again and I look forward to my next order.
C. Cane
I've been purchasing quite a few items from Seyberts lately. I even drove up to their store in Michigan. They sell great products, are incredibly friendly, and in the few instances where there is a problem with an item you purchase they take care of you! I can't ask more for what I consider to be a locally ran company. Keep up the good work!
I called Seybert and Justin answered the phone, and the help I received was fantastic. I called with a list of questions (criteria) of what I wanted in a new cue, and I got just the direction I was hoping to get. If you are looking to buy a cue, but don't know exactly what you're looking for, call him. He's great!
john Helke
I am always satisfied & amazed at the large selection of quality items available for purchase at great prices on Seyberts website. Great service & quality are Seyberts #1 concern. When I desire to make a pool related purchase I always go to Seyberts first, they are the best.
Larry Shehee
Ordered 2 Pechauer cues, the Haliotis and an SP540. As soon as the Haliotis came in, Seyberts first informed me that because of the multiple inlays and ebony wood the minimum weight was 20 oz, inquiring whether this was alright for me since I stipulated 19 oz. That was perfectly fine and they shipped it off to me in Belgium. It took only 6 days to get to me and the UPS track and trace helped me keep track. As expected I paid VAT and a customs fee to the delivery man. For any Europeans wondering what the duties or import taxes are on cues. For billiards and accessories it should be 0% according to TARIC (Integrated Tariff of the European Communities) code 9504 20.
Seyberts have not disappointed. They clearly have an eye for detail and know what they are doing. They take care of you and for that I will be ordering from them again in the future.
Thank-you very much!!! I ordered Simonis 7' HR cloth. Received it in just two days. I had a local professional pool table maintainer (does all the bar tables for a vending company for years) to put on the cloth, during the installation he notice a stain in the cloth, which is minor for playing on it, but it is something you will can always see when playing, I wanted a new cloth that looked new on my table. I contacted Seyberts to find a solution to my problem. He did offer to give me Seyberts Bucks for other products if I wanted to keep that cloth. Which is a really good deal if I didn't mind playing with that stain. But I wanted a new cloth on my table for me and my friends to play on. Seyberts understood my wishes and sent me new cloth and I will return the damage cloth.

I could not have asked more from a vendor to treat me this way. I am very happy that I found this vendor several years ago. Thank-you very much for your excellent service!!!

Ray Tague
Ray Tague
Been dealing with these guys for around fifteen years and the only thing that's changed is they've gotten better. They may not be the best, they're better than anyone else.
curtis fox
I received the BK RUSH from Seyberts and it breaks phenomenal!! Thank you Seyberts for the good customer service, as well as fast shipping. I will be ordering my playing cue and my jump cue from seyberts
Charlie Alvarez
Seyberts is awesome! Ordered a Joss Thor Hammer with an upgraded Samsara tip. I thought that with the tip change the order would take longer,but I was wrong. Shipping was fast, and the new tip was flawless! Seyberts is by far the best online store. By the way, the Joss Thor Hammer is no joke!
Eric Nance

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"I received the BK RUSH from Seyberts and it breaks phenomenal!! Thank you Seyberts for the good customer service, as well as fast shipping. I will be ordering my playing cue and my jump cue from seyberts "

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