Jump Cues

Eliminates those hooked hard to hit kick and bank shots. We offer a wide variety of jump cues from Predator, Jacoby, Mezz, and Poison and others.
Dufferin D951 Striped Maple with Ash Shaft Jump Cue
Item - D951
Dufferin D951 jump cue has a 2 tone Maple handle with ash shaft.
$79.99 $63.99
Bunjee Ebony Point Jump Cue
Item - BJ-BEEP
Bunjee Ebony point Jumper
$80.00 $64.00
Bunjee Rosewood With Wrap Jump Cue
Item - BJ-R-WR
Bunjee Jumper Rosewood W/ Wrap
$80.00 $64.00
Elite Rosewood Jump Cue
Elite Pool Cue ELJMPRS - Elite Jump Cue with rosewood points.
$79.00 $67.15
Dufferin D952 Birdseye  Maple Jump Cue
Item - D952
Dufferin D952 jump cue has a nutmeg stained Birdseye Maple handle with Maple...
$89.99 $71.99
Cuetec 99531 Jump Cue
Item - 99531
Cuetec 99531 black jump cue. This jump cue has a black gloss butt handle with...
$98.00 $73.50
Players Exotic Jump Cue EJC
Item - EJC
Players EJC Exotic jump cue.
$89.99 $76.49
Bunjee Butterfly Points Jump Cue
Bunjee Butterfly Inlay Jump Cue.
$100.00 $80.00
Bunjee Rengas / Thin Maple Points Jump Cue
Rengas with maple outlined 4 point Bunjee Jumper
$100.00 $80.00
OLJMP Outlaw Jump Cue
Item - OLJMP
OLJMP Outlaw Jump Pool Cue.
$99.00 $84.15
Lucasi L-2000JC Jump Cue
Item - L2000JC
The Lucasi jump cue is equiped with a quick release joint, extra light butt...
$115.99 $98.59
Poison 4th Generation VX JMP Red Jump Cue
Item - VX4-JMP-R
The VX 4th Generation Red Jump cue is 41” long with the shaft being 29"...
$129.00 $109.65
Poison 4th Generation VX JMP White Jump Cue
Item - VX4-JMP-W
The VX 4th Generation White Jump cue is 41” long with the shaft...
$129.00 $109.65
Lucasi Hybrid Jump Cue With 13.75mm Beulah Shaft
Lucasi Hybrid jump cue with Beulah shaft. This cue has a black butt with the...
$149.99 $119.99
OB Lift Jump Cue
Discontinued OB Lift jump cue is has a midnight blue handle with OB LIFT...
$150.00 $127.50
Cuetec Bullet Jump Cue
Item - 13684
Cuetec Bullet Jump Cue- This lightweight Cuetec Bullet Jump Cue is great for...
$160.00 $128.00
Jester G-5 Laucher Jump Cue
Item - G5
Jester G-5 LAUNCHER jump cue is a 2 pieces butt jump cue the can be used full...
$159.99 $129.99
Jacoby Medium Stained Jump Cue
Item - JJCBR
Jacoby medium stained curly maple handle with finger groove at the joint for...
$165.00 $135.00
Jacoby Natural Jump Cue
Item - JJC
Jacoby natural curly maple handle with finger groove at the joint for a...
$165.00 $135.00
Pechauer Natural Jump Cue
Item - PSJMP
Pechauer Natural Jump Cue. Still have that useless jump cue taking up room in...
$150.00 $135.00
OB Black Lift Jump Cue
Item - OBJLB
OB Black Lift jump cue is all black with gold OB Lift logo. The butt section...
$169.00 $143.65
Pechauer Black Jump Cue
Pechauer black jump cue. Still have that useless jump cue taking up room in...
$170.00 $153.00
Marty Careys Jump Q Carbon Fiber Jump Cue
Marty Carey's jump Q. This jump cue is carbon fiber with a solid wood core....
$199.00 $159.20
OB Lift PRO Jump Cue
Item - OBJLP
Discontinued OB Lift PRO jump cue is has a midnight blue 2 piece handle with...
$200.00 $170.00
Jacoby Medium Stained Extension Jump Cue
Jacoby medium stained Curly maple extension jump cue with finger groove. The...
$205.00 $171.00
Jacoby Natural Extension Jump Cue
Item - JJCE
Jacoby natural Curly maple extension jump cue with finger groove. The jump...
$205.00 $171.00
Mezz ASK Air Shooter Jump Cue
Item - ASK
Mezz ZZAIR Jump Cue Tip: New super hard Phenolic resin tip Shaft: Wooden...
$190.00 $171.00
Lucasi Air Hog 2 Three Piece Jump Cue
Item - LHAH2
The Lucasi Hybrid Air Hog 2 jump cue. This jump cue has a all black 2 piece...
$209.99 $178.49
New Predator
Item - PAIR2
Predator AIR 2 Jump Cue. Predator AIR 2 Jump Cue. Only Predator could take...
$199.00 $179.10
Tiger Wings Jump Cue
Item - WINGS
Tiger Wings jump cue, with lots of technology for added accuracy, power,...
$229.00 $183.20
OB Black Lift PRO 2 Piece Butt Jump Cue
Item - OBLPB
OB Black Lift PRO jump cue is has a black 2 piece handle with OB LIFT PRO...
$219.00 $186.15
Viking Punch Jump Cue
Item - PUNCH
Viking Punch jump cue is 41" long and has the Crush strong taper shaft. The...
$225.00 $202.50
Mezz Airdrive Jump Cue
Item - ADK
The AIRDRIVE was engineered with a completely different concept using the...
$320.00 $288.00
What Our Customers Have To Say
"I love this stick. Has a great hit. Have taken it to 3 tourneys. Won one (30 shooters) and placed in the money in the other 2. Don't know if it's the stick or if it's just the confidence I have with it or both. Who cares? Great stick. Everyone compliments it profusely"

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