Pool Cue Shaft Care

We offer a variety of cue and shaft cleaning products to help keep your cue looking and feeling like new. Highly recommended RX Cue Doctor products and Q Clean Care Kits save you time and money!
Cloth Cue Shaft Slicker
Item - A174
Cue cloth slicker removes dirt and oil from your pool cue shaft. Just slip...
$3.98 $2.99
Cue Candy Large Talc Hand Powder Bag
Item - ULTRA
Hot Deal
Cue Candy hand talc powder bag. this powder bag measures 3 3/4" long x 2 1/2"...
$3.75 $2.25
Cue Cube Nylon / Leather Shaft Slicker
Item - 91104
Cue Cube nylon and leather pool cue shaft slicker. The nylon side of the...
$9.95 $8.95
Last 4 Ever Leather Burnisher
Item - LB
Last 4 Ever 3 1/8" round brown leather burnisher.  The suede side for...
$6.95 $5.56
McDermott Brown Leather Burnisher
Item - 75-0111-BR
McDermott Brown leather cue shaft burnisher is a great addition to any pool...
$4.50 $4.50
McMagic Micro Burnishing Papers
Item - McMagic
McDermott's McMagic is the ultimate shaft conditioning system. It contains no...
$9.50 $9.50
Porper Shaft Polisher
Item - 7575
Double-sided suede pad polishes and burnishes pool cue shafts.
$6.50 $4.95
Item - KQC
Q Cloth eliminates abrasive cleaning and sanding of pool cues. It also...
$6.95 $4.87
Item - QW10
QWiz- Qwiz shaft conditioning pad is a great product for smoothing and...
$8.95 $5.95
Seyberts Leather Burnisher
Why burnish your cue with Seyberts leather burnisher? The purpose of...
$4.95 $3.96
Tiger Leather Burnisher
Item - LBUR
Why burnish your cue with Tiger's leather burnisher? The purpose of...
$4.95 $4.21
Tiger Shaft Smoother
Item - TSSB
Tiger shaft smoother and burnisher smoothes and cleans the shaft faster and...
$9.95 $8.46
Cue Silk
Item - SKCS
Cue Silk pool shaft conditioner. Leaves your cue's shaft smooth; 30...
$5.64 $3.95
Cue Silk 2oz
Item - SKCS2
2 oz Cue Silk pool shaft conditioner. Leaves your cue's shaft smooth; 30...
$16.95 $13.56
Predator REVO Shaft Cleaning Towelettes
Predator REVO shaft cleaning towelettes. Safely and quickly clean your...
$25.00 $25.00
Q Glide
Item - QG10
Q Glide achieves that friction free, super gliding surface the professional...
$6.50 $5.95
Q Wax
Item - KS29
The original cue care! Q Wax is specifically formulated with the finest...
$6.95 $4.87
RX  Cue Doctor Dent Buffer
Item - RXDB
The Cue Doctor Dent Buffer has caused quite a positive stir, and it is well...
$10.69 $8.95
RX Cue Doctor Magic Cloth
Item - RXMC
The Cue Doctor Cloth is the ultimate improvement on cloths which didn't fill...
$6.95 $5.56
RX Cue Doctor Shaft Cleaner
Item - RXCC
The Cue Doctor Shaft Cleaner & Conditioner is an exclusive laboratory-tested...
$9.94 $7.95
Silkleen 1oz. Dry
Item - SILKD
Silkleen Dry Formula. Cleaner will leave your shaft looking like new with...
$6.64 $4.99
Silkleen 1oz. Wet
Item - SILKW
Silkleen instant shaft and ferrule cleaner; contains no bleach or other...
$11.95 $8.96
Silky Hand 2oz. Spray
Item - SILKH
Silky Hand Leaves player's hands dry and smooth and eliminates need for messy...
$11.81 $9.45
Steady Eddys Stick Tonic Glove Alternative
Steady Eddy's Cue Tonic is a spray which is applies to the shaft to keep the...
$24.95 $20.00
8 Ball Hand Towel
Item - HT208
The 8 ball hand towel is a terry cloth towel great for wiping down your pool...
$6.95 $4.52
9 Ball Hand Towel
Item - HT209
The 9 ball hand towel is a terry cloth towel great for wiping down your pool...
$6.95 $4.52
OB Players Towel
OB black towel. This towel measures 6 3/4" x 13 1/2" and has OB logo across...
$11.75 $9.99
Tiger Liquid Burnisher 4oz.
Item - LLB4
The Tiger 4oz liquid burnisher is specifically made to burnish the sides of...
$12.95 $11.01
Master Velvet Glide Cone Talc
Item - 150T
MASTER Velvet Glide Cone Talc is perfect for those who like to be able to...
$7.07 $4.95
Master Velvet Glide Cone Talc (6)
Item - 150T6
MASTER Velvet Glide Cone Talc is perfect for those who like to be able to...
$42.42 $27.57
Predator Towel
The Predator Billiards Towel is black with embroidered Predator logo in...
$15.00 $13.50
Seybert's Towel With Logo
Item - seytowel
The Seybert's billiard black towel. This towel is made of 100% cotton with a...
$7.95 $3.98
Solid Black Towel With Seyberts Tag
Solid black towel with Seyberts.com tag. This towel measure 13 1/2" long 6...
$7.95 $5.57
Tip Crystal Liquid Tip Burnisher
K-Cues Tip Crystal liquid cue tip burnisher.  Simply use cap brush on the...
$15.00 $15.00
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"Note to Management This is just a note to let you know how pleased I am with the service and products of Seybert�s Billiards Supply. Recently, I ordered a Predator Ikon-1 with a 30� Z-2 shaft and Predator shaft protectors. My ordered arrived on time and the contents were wrapped and packaged in a secure way. I received personal service fr..."

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