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Cuetec Cues

Cuetec Cues composite cladding of either graphite or fiberglass completely encases the solid wood core in an armor of high-tech synthetic material. This "Power Bonding Process" protects the Cuetec cue from warping by locking out moisture and temperature changes. In addition, the synthetic cladding provides ding and dent resistance, and adds tremendous strength to the Cuetec cue.
Cuetec 99535 Sneaky Pete Cue
Item - 99535
Cuetec 99535 57 Inch Sneaky Pete cue. This cue has a Walnut stained Maple...
$99.90 $79.92
Cuetec Natural 13-725 Pool Cue
Item - 13-725
Cuetec 13-725 Natural Series pool cue. This cue has a Rosewood color forearm...
$150.00 $120.00
Cuetec 4 Point Inlay R360 13-676 Pool Cue
Item - 13-676
Cuetec R360 Inlay Series 13-676 pool cue. This cue has a Rosewood forearm...
$320.00 $256.00
Cuetec Gen-Tek 13-715 Pool Cue
Item - 13-715
Cuetec 13-715 Gen-Tek pool cue has a blue star forearm design. Cue comes with...
$170.00 $136.00
Cuetec Gen-Tek 13-711 Pool Cue
Item - 13-711
Cuetec 13-711 Gen-Tek pool cue has a silver swirl forearm design. Cue comes...
$170.00 $136.00
Cuetec Black Blue R360 13-731 Pool Cue
Item - 13-731
Cuetec R360 Pool Cue 13-731 has a black with blue and grey point design on...
$220.00 $176.00
Cuetec Snakewood R360 13-730 Pool Cue
Item - 13-730
Cuetec R360 Pool Cue 13-730 has a Snakewood with black and grey point design...
$220.00 $176.00
Cuetec Bullet Jump Cue
Item - 13684
Cuetec Bullet Jump Cue- This lightweight Cuetec Bullet Jump Cue is great for...
$160.00 $128.00
Cuetec Bullet Break cue
Item - 13-685
"The Cuetec Bullet Break cue has a very smooth feel, allowing for a faster,...
$210.00 $168.00
Cuetec Jump / Break Cue 99296
Item - 99296
Cuetec jump/break pool cueClear fiberglass clad over North American Maple...
$190.00 $152.00
Cuetec WCT Break cue
Item - 13683
15-1/2 Pro Taper prevents the shaft from climbing up your bridge and enables...
$180.00 $144.00
Cuetec Black R360 13-694 Pool Cue
Item - 13-694
Cuetec R360 Pool Cue 13-694 has a black Maple forearm and butt sleeve....
$220.00 $176.00
Cuetec Natural Stained R360 13-692 Pool Cue
Item - 13-692
Cuetec R360 Pool Cue 13-692 has a natural stained Maple forearm and butt...
$220.00 $176.00
Cuetec Medium Brown Stained R360 13-691 Pool Cue
Item - 13-691
Cuetec R360 Pool Cue 13-691 has a medium stained Maple forearm and butt...
$220.00 $176.00
Cuetec Black Stained R360 13-690 Pool Cue
Item - 13-690
Cuetec R360 Pool Cue 13-690 has a black stained Maple cue forearm and butt...
$220.00 $176.00
Cuetec Meteor Break cue
Item - 13681
The Cuetec Meteor Break Cue provides the ultimate transfer of energy,...
$130.00 $104.00
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