Pool Table Repair Parts and Supples

Full selection of pool table parts and supplies to make the restoration of your pool table as easy as possible. We offer everything from staple pullers to the decorative rail caps to do the job right..
Simonis Bed Cloth Installation Training DVD
Simonis Bed Cloth Installation Training DVD. Simonis installation training...
$44.95 $30.00
Simonis Rail & Bed Cloth Installation Training DVD
Simonis installation training DVD set shows proper technique for installing...
$89.90 $39.95
Simonis Rail Cloth Installation Training DVD
Simonis Rail Cloth Installation Training DVD. Simonis installation training...
$44.95 $22.48
3" Rubber Pool Table Leg Shims
Item - ACRSx
Rubber 3" pool table leg shims. These shims are for leveling the cabinet of...
$0.50 $0.40
3M Foam Fast 74 Spray Adhesive
Item - D0001
3M Foam Fast 74 spray adhesive 16.9oz. 74 is a quick bonding and is great for...
$29.95 $23.96
Berry Staple Remover
Item - 34-800
The berry staple remover is made especially for pulling staples out of pool...
$29.99 $16.49
Championship General Purpose Spray Adhesive
Item - 01-11
Championship 13oz general purpose spray adhesive. This adhesive sprays in a...
$19.99 $15.99
Championship Spot
Item - 21440
Championship table spots are self adhesive 1inch each and are regulation...
$0.75 $0.49
Large Wood Shims (10)
Item - B0974
Large wood shims are used for leveling your table under the slate. Each shim...
$5.00 $4.00
Pool God's Staple Remover
Item - 126S
The Pool God's staple remover is the fastest and easiest staple remover on...
$14.95 $9.72
Pro Stick 65 Hi Strength Spray Adhesive
Item - PS65
Pro Stick 65 Hi-Strength Web Spray Adhesive is specially formulated to be...
$14.95 $11.96
Rubber Feather Strip 24' long
Item - 36-230
Rubber feather strips are what attaches the billiard cloth to the rails for...
$29.95 $25.46
Tefco Master Spots
Item - 059-EA
Tefco Master Spots come in a tin of twelve 1" regulation spots to mark your...
$2.95 $2.51
Wood Feather Strips 48" long Set Of 6
Item - 36-229
Set of 6 Wood 48" feather strips. These feather strips are design to hold the...
$30.00 $24.00
Cushion Facings (1 set)
Item - 4320
Cushion facing are used on the ends of your rail rubbers and rail. The...
$6.95 $5.21
Wide Plastic Rail Caps
Item - TP11
Universal wide rail caps will fit older pool tables including Fisher,...
$28.95 $23.16
Extra Wide Corner Miters
Item - 36-310
These extra wide corner miters will fit older pool tables including Fisher,...
$39.95 $15.98
Narrow Rail Cap
Item - TP12
These narrow rail caps will fit older pool tables including Fisher, Ebonite,...
$27.95 $22.36
Barge Rail Rubber Contact Cement 2oz
Item - BCG-2
BargeĀ all purpose pool table rail rubber contact cement 2oz tube. The 2oz...
$9.99 $6.95
Liquid Dowels
Item - 520250
Liquid Dowels is specially formulated to bond the 3 pieces of slate together.
$29.95 $23.96
XL-8 Rail Rubber Contact Cement Quart
Item - XL8
XL-8 1qt pool table rail rubber contact cement with easy application bush...
$27.00 $21.60
Chrome Leg Levelers (set of 4)
Item - 16-149
These leg levelers fits most pool tables. Made of molded steel with a webbed...
$52.95 $34.42
Black 1/2" Round Pool Table Rail Sites
Item - 36-122BK
Black round replacement pool table rail sites are 1/2"(12.7mm)wide and 1/8"...
$1.00 $0.50
Ivory Color 7 /16 Round Rail Sites
Item - 36-120
Ivory color round replacement pool table sites are 7/16"(11mm)wide and 1/8"...
$1.00 $0.80
Round Pearlite Sights
Item - 36-12x
$0.75 $0.56
Antique Pool Table Rail Bolt Tool
Item - 436
Antique adjustable rail bolt fork bit to remove or replace the round-head on...
$30.59 $26.00
What Our Customers Have To Say
"I have purchased several LD shafts (Predator and Tiger) over the past few years and have been satisfied every time. Tonight I bought a Tiger Pro-X shaft for my Bill McDaniel Sneaky Pete and did so with confidence! Eddie Achey, Founder, Temple of Pool "

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