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Great White Chalk With Dust Cap

Great White Chalk With Dust Cap
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Great white Chalk is available in 5 colors and is only one of 2 Cosmetic Grade Chalks on the market. Each piece of Great White chalk comes with a rubber cap top to keep your case clean when not in play. The bottom of each piece has Neodymium Magnet bottom so it can be used with most magnetic chalk holders. It is 100% made by us in Knoxville, Tennessee. Sold by the piece.
Product ID : GWCxxx
Product ID: GWCxxx
Pack Size: 1 Piece

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Reviewed by Outsville

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Reviewed by thedirtybird
thedirtybird bought
"Great White Chalk With Dust Cap"


I have the thresher blue and like it. I bought the Goblin green to use on bar tables with green cloth, and it is absolute garbage. I have never miscued so much as I did with it. I would chalk, shoot and miscue. When I look at the tip, you can see where it hit the ball and there was a good full contact point on the tip where it hit, but still miscued. Goblin is garbage.

"I dropped off my Lucasi cue late Saturday morning to have my linen wrap removed and change to a leather one. I chose the black elephant embossed. The young man working the counter indicated they would ship it back to me on Thursday so I figured I would have it on Saturday. To my surprise, they shipped it out late on Wednesday and it was waiti..."

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