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Grady Mathews Only Kicks DVD

Grady Mathews Only Kicks DVD
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Grady Mathews Only Kicks Instructional DVD. Grady illustrates 77 different kick shots you can learn by remembering simple relations between diamonds and adjust with a simple "parallel line" or by "halving the distance." All of them are easy to understand, easy to learn, and easy to use in competitive situations. Adjustments with english and speed are fully explained to help you adapt each kick when the natural path is blocked. There are strategic secrets to every kick shot and Grady supplies the answers. Two rail kicks are a breeze once you know the starting point-and how to adjust. Three rails, four rails-no problem. You will learn the nuances of the "draw to curve" kick, the "rail first masse' kick," the "five and six rails to the corner kick" and many more. You will learn about "spot on the wall theory," one of the most closely held secrets in pool. As Grady says, "To become a master kicker, you need to know three things: how to kick, which kick to take, and what speed to shoot." The answers are in this powerful DVD.
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Product ID : OKDVD
Product ID: OKDVD
Format: DVD

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Reviewed by Pods
Pods bought
"Grady Mathews Only Kicks DVD"

Grady Mathews Only Kicks DVD

Great video. Picked up several aha moments after just watching it one time. Will have to watch it several times to get the full benefit.
Reviewed by 23lee77

Best kicking video out there

Pure genius. This video has everything on kicks you need to know. The systems are easy to learn and the adjustments are simple. A little time with this video and you'll be hitting kicks like they are straight-ins.

"I have purchased several items in the past and never had any issues and was quite satisfied with products purchased. Just purchased a replacement shaft for my Lucasi cue. Looked at prices at two other sites and went back to Seybertts. Found the shaft I wanted and it was $55.00 cheaper. Needless to say I will continue to use Seyberts for all ..."

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