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Grady Mathews Killer One Pocket DVD

Grady Mathews Killer One Pocket DVD
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Grady Mathews Killer One Pocket Instructional DVD. Grady outlines the 20 most important concepts of one-pocket strategy that all great players must master. Many things are covered in this video that you will not find anywhere else, such as when to play offense vs. defense and the advantages of being unpredictable. You will learn how to run balls at the other end of the table and become more adept with end game situations. Grady will teach you when to put your focus on the object ball, the cue ball, or both. This DVD is a comprehensive strategy training guide, which is just what you need to master the highly strategic game of one pocket.
PRICE: $29.94 $23.95
Product ID : K1PDVD
Product ID: K1PDVD
Format: DVD

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