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Grady Mathews Advanced Principles of Pool DVD

Grady Mathews Advanced Principles of Pool DVD
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Grady Mathews Advanced Principles of Pool Instructional DVD. Geared toward the intermediate to advanced player, Grady cements the basics and immediately whisks you into the advanced world of 2-rail kicks, frozen ball shots, the effect of english on object balls, and the mirror system with varying cue-ball hits. The Professor reminds you to look at the percentages of the shot and when to lean toward softer vs. harder hits for givern situations. You will learn different degrees of masse'; the "umbrella" shot, tickies, and how the object ball turns with english. This video takes an in-depth look at how a champion would handle tough situations, divulging information that will get you out of many tricky situations. When it’s all said and done, the Professor offers a checklist for self-examination – assisting you in examining your strengths and weaknesses.
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Product ID : APPDVD
Product ID: APPDVD
Format: DVD

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