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Diamond Polycarbonate Triangle 8 Ball Pool Rack

Diamond Polycarbonate Triangle 8 Ball Pool Rack
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Diamond pool table black Polycarbonate 15 ball pool table ball rack. This heavy duty rack is constructed from Polycarbonate and has rounded top construction like the Diamond wood rack. The bottom is cut out to make rack lighter. Other features include top diamond and Diamond table logo on one end of the rack both cast into the rack not decal
PRICE: $45.50 $35.00
Product ID : DIAMCR1
Product ID: DIAMCR1
Color: Black
Configuration: 8 Ball

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by billiardsplayer123

Best rack of all time

This rack is so special to me because it always gives me a tight rack
Reviewed by BJKZ
BJKZ bought
"Diamond Polycarbonate Triangle 8 Ball Pool Rack"

Best Rack

I believe this to be the best rack on the market. I've found he finest wood racks out there are susceptible to expansion and retraction due to weather temps and humidity fluctuations. This rack on the other hand is the most reliable form that I've ever used. The extra room at the bottom row is great for providing room to manipulate/roll the balls into the rack. A must have for any home or pool hall.

Seybert's as usual provided fast shipping and immediate order confirmation and shipment tracking.


"I recently ordered a very nice J Pechauer from Seyberts, it was a “Hot Deals” cue, upgraded with a pro + shaft. I actually saved a few bucks over a cue I was looking at from a competitor. There was a hang up with the shopping cart, I called and they fixed it, no muss no fuss. I’m actually glad it happened, it just reinforced that I was mak..."

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