Cyclop ZEUS TV Pool Ball set

Cyclop ZEUS TV Pool Ball set
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Cyclop ZEUS TV pool ball set. Best pool balls on the market. Cyclop balls are in many pro tournaments world wide and highly sought after by any player that wants the best. The Cyclop balls are constructed of highly configured Phenolic resin allowing for durability while keeping their shine and color longer than the standard pool balls.
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Reviewed by jeffmc
jeffmc bought
"Cyclop ZEUS TV Pool Ball set"

Love these!

The colors really "pop" and match well with my table with Mocha color Simonis cloth. They play great, they resist marks well and are very easy to clean. I had the budget to go with the Aramith Tournament set but, to be honest, I leaned toward these on looks alone and I'm not disappointed in their performance or quality at all.
Reviewed by markw
markw bought
"Cyclop ZEUS TV Pool Ball set"

cyclop tv set

I have really enjoyed these. Just as nice as the Aramith and perform just as good.
Reviewed by Daniel Miller

cyclop tv pro set

I read the previous review and decided to try a stop shot drill to see if the results were identical to my previous experience. Everything was the same as my experience with an Aramith pro set. I have not noticed any change in skid zone and I do not shoot hard so I have not seen any bouncing. I bought the set for the ease of seeing the lighter colors and I am very pleased. I plan on using this Cyclop set over Aramith.
Reviewed by gtaylor1023

Questionable Resins

I have played 100's of hours with these balls and I can't quite figure them out. I have some at my home room as well as the local room here in Denver, CO.

I find that they play remarkably unreliably when it comes to skidding. Both cut shots and draw shots make a skid or hop, in the case of the draw, several times a day.

Now, all balls skid eventually but these seem to be rather over the top.

Funny note: I get far less skidding issues on a drop pocket table than a return.

I have played with the balls both clean and dirty, same room, with similar results. While they say and are branded the best - i just don't see it

"I just wanted to compliment you on the work you did on my shaft. I recently sent you a Predator shaft to have you turn it down to 12.25 mm. Prior to sending the shaft, I exchanged several emails with Rick M. and was very pleased with the promptness and helpfulness of these communications. Your work on the shaft was excellent with the shaft now ..."

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