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Cuetec 6 Inch SVB Metallic Colors Pool Cue Smart Extension

Cuetec 6 Inch SVB Metallic Colors Pool Cue Smart Extension
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Cuetec 6 inch Metallic color Smart Extension.  These metallic extensions are design to thread into the bottom of a Cuetec cue that has the extension bumper. This extension only work on Cuetec cue that the adjustable wight bolt system with the chrome or black butt cap. Extension weight is approx 4.1oz. Replacement bumpers sold separately 
PRICE: $54.00 $49.00
Product ID : 95-70xx
Product ID: 95-70xx

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  • Works exclusively with any Cuetec weight adjustable cue
  • Adds 6-inches to the overall length
  • Useful for making hard to reach shots without a bridge
  • Fits in most cue case accessory pouches


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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by gringo0404
gringo0404 bought
"Cuetec 6 Inch SVB Metallic Colors Pool Cue Smart Extension"

Works with my Lucasi Custom (kinda)

I have spent over a year trying to find a way to add some length to my Lucasi Custom cue because my wingspan at 6'3" tall is just too long for a standard 58-59" cue. I tried the Balance Rite 4" mid shaft extension-I felt the consistency of the hit at higher cue speeds suffered. The Balance Rite rear extension fit my Lucasi weight bolt, but at 11" it seemed unwieldy, and never really mounted straight.

I took a gamble on the Cuetec Smart Extension and am glad I did! The replacement bumper for this extension (sold separately) fits into the butt of my Lucasi Custom cue and the insert is hard plastic, not rubber, so when screwed in the extension mounts squarely and securely. No more 11" extension that mounts at a 2-3 degree offset to the rest of the cue.

***Keep in mind I had to epoxy it in to the Lucasi butt, and epoxied the threads of my weight bolt to ensure it could not work itself loose-Once you commit to this set up you will be unable to access the weight bolt again!

For you long armed freaks I hope sharing my experience helps. I am thankful I finally found a solution to my problem.

"I can't tell you how great it is to deal with a company where outstanding customer service just seems to be the natural order of things. I am thrilled with my two customized Pechauer cues (one with an OB-1 shaft, one with a Z-2). They are beyond my expectations in performance and appearance. The leather wraps, Kamuii tips and the engravings are ..."

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