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Cuetec Meteor Break cue

Cuetec Meteor Break cue
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The Cuetec Meteor Break Cue provides the ultimate transfer of energy, resulting in a powerful break every time. Only available in 19oz Constructed for the perfect balance between control and power Featuring a 5 layer cowhide tip Maple shaft butt Power bonded with high-tech composite material The best BANG for your BUCK!
PRICE: $189.00 $169.00

Product ID : 13-681
Product ID: 13-681
Default Tip: Boar Skin
Cue Type: Break Cue
Shaft Type: Hard Maple
Joint Type: 3/8 x 14 Thread
Shaft Diameter: 13mm
Shaft Length: 29 Inch
Shaft Taper: Gradual Rise Pro Taper
Joint Collar: Stainless
Cue Wrap: No Wrap
Wood Type: Maple - Hard
Warranty: 1 Year

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Pokagon07

Great price

I bought this break cue because of the price. Its an OK cue. I wish I had the money for the BK Rush, but for the price its a decent cue.
Reviewed by dbuts

Hate to love it so much

I went to seyberts to try out break cues really wanting to love the BK 3 by predator but that barely hits better than a house cue for me. After trying at least 6 other cues I tried this, really not wanting to like it, and saw a SIGNIFICANT improvement to my break. I don't like how this cue looks, I don't like the ridiculously long metal into plastic threading, but man does this break like a dream for cheap. The shaft is stiff maple covered in fiberglass and it is really slick with no cling. Cannot emphasize enough how well this performs its job but only 4 stars for the tacky look.
Reviewed by Souforte
Souforte bought
"Cuetec Meteor Break cue"

Cuetec Meteor Break Cue

There you have what i call , a great option for a small budget.Just ordered one for my girlfriend after "laying around" with one from a friend.
Its a bit fancy, ye maybe, but it plays pretty well, comes with a standard phenolic tip, its all covered from tech composite material , even the shaft yes!
The only problem i found on this cue is that after a few games, grips a bit to your fingers (if your not using your gloves),...anyway if you use "Cuetec Hi-Tech Spray" that you can find here at Seyberts for sale, it will be back to new.
This cue is really hard to damage and scratch due to the composite material used, kind like fiber glass all over the cue.
For a low budget worths EVERY cent it costs.Only giving it 4x stars cause of the finger grip issue without glove or the Cuetec Hi-Tech Spray...

"I want to give a shoutout to Seyberts! I ordered a new Predator shaft, instead of waiting weeks, I got it in days. Very happy with the shaft and the service. Definitely will but from Seyberts again!"

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