Cuetec Break Jump Cues

The Cuetec Break Jump line included cue like the Meteor break cue. Line also includes the WCT Break Cue may be the most technically advanced cue on the market today. Designed and being used by Champion player Shane Van Boening, The South Dakota Kid, the WCT Break Cue is constructed to offer a monster break with maximum control. The 13 mm Tiger 5 layer hard Cowhide leather tip with phenolic backing provides the firmness to break hard with confidence, maximize efficient energy transfer, and therefore achieving the desired results. The fore-shaft (top 23″) is made of the finest hand selected Canadian Maple that is dried and seasoned under vacuum conditions to ensure an extremely straight, high performance shaft stroke. The shaft back-up (next 6″) is Canadian Maple that is compressed and bonded with fiberglass increasing the strength of the fore-shaft to generate greater breaking power. 
Cuetec Cynergy Galaxy Grey Propel Carbon Fiber Jump Cue
Item - 13946
The Cuetec Cynergy Galaxy Grey Propel Carbon Fiber Jump...
$449.00 $409.00

Cuetec Cynergy Ruby Red Propel Carbon Fiber Jump Cue
Item - 13947
The Cuetec Cynergy Ruby Red Propel Carbon Fiber Jump Cue....
$449.00 $409.00

Cuetec Cynergy Breach Break Cue Carbon Fiber Shaft
Item - 13945
Cuetec Cynergy Breach Break Cue. Developed to...
$649.00 $599.00

Cuetec Meteor Break cue
Item - 13681
The Cuetec Meteor Break Cue provides the ultimate...
$180.00 $144.00
Cuetec WCT Break cue
Item - 13683
Cuetec WCT break cue 13-683. this cue has a 15-1/2 Pro...
$290.00 $169.99

Cuetec 13682 Sky 2 Handle Jump Cue
Item - 13682-2018
Discontinued Cuetec 13682 Sky jump cue. This jump cue...
$170.00 $136.00
Cuetec Bullet Jump Cue
Item - 13684
Cuetec Bullet Jump Cue- This lightweight Cuetec Bullet...
$220.00 $176.00


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