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Ultimate Cue it up 4 Pool Cue Holder Clip

Ultimate Cue it up 4 Pool Cue Holder Clip
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Ultimate Cue It Up portable 4 pool cue holder.  The Ultimate holder is newly designed with rubber overlays in the deeper cue channels to protect your cues. You can use the holder to hold up to 4  play cues and you can insert your jump cue upside down in the center hole for availability. Other features include head and tail coin with 9 and 8 ball along with a stronger spring and wider opening to fit on wider surfaces.
PRICE: $15.00 $12.95
Product ID : CCLIPU4xxx
Product ID: CCLIPU4xxx
# Of Cue Slots: 4 Cue Holder
Color Options: Avaliable
Securing Method: Spring Clamp

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by tedpool
tedpool bought
"Ultimate Cue it up 4 Pool Cue Holder Clip"

Not for round or thick tables

This clip holds up to four cues that are standing on the floor, plus a jump cue in the center hole with no problem. However, if you are trying to attach it to tables that are thicker than 2 inches, you're going to have trouble getting it to stay put. Also, don't even think of trying it clip it on a round table, or a table that has beveled/rounded edges. I play pool at a variety of places and the clip has only worked for me on square tables that aren't very thick and have no beveled or rounded edges. In fact, I use it only at home now when I'm cleaning my cues and it serves me well for that purpose. Lastly, the little magnetic heads/tails 8/9-ball coin is sort of a pointless gimmick that adds nothing to the product. Just throw a normal coin in your cue case instead. I rate it 2 out of 5 because it's great when it works, but it only works in specific situations.
Reviewed by sharp4045

Cue-it-Up Ultimate up grade

The ultimate is an upgrade from the original for sure. Wider opening, holds your cues in place. Perfect for the league shooter. Nice to see a company improve on something that was already good and make it great.
Reviewed by ljhookem14
ljhookem14 bought
"Ultimate Cue it up 4 Pool Cue Holder Clip"

Cue-it-Up Hits a Home Run

Very well made cue holder which also has a heads/tails coin magnetically applied on the holder.

It has some issues on rounded tables but I still got it to work fine.

The jump cue holder (in the middle) is so smart of them to make a spot for that piece of a players cues that we all must have especially for 9-ball. With the jump cue so short it won’t lean up against your everyday holder that attaches to a table.

I kind of wish they wouldn’t place a ridge on the inside of the clamp because you don’t always have a straight edge table to use this on. It still gets 5-stars but would prefer 4.5 because of that ridge.

Still don’t let that hold you back as it still works and I didn’t even once worry about any of my cues which a very expensive falling. It’s still very sturdy

"I have received my order and thank you very much. The cue is much better looking than I imagined. Your customer service is great and you can bet that any other billiard shopping I need to do will be with you. Thank you very much. "

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