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Super Shot Octagon Magnetic Chalk holder

Super Shot Octagon Magnetic Chalk holder
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The Super Shot Octagon Magnetic Chalk holder has a built-in strong earth magnet installed in the belt/pocket clip and the chalk holder itself, giving you easy access to your chalk during each rack. Each Chalk holder is constructed with a durable plastic made to last. The Super Shot Octagon Magnetic Chalk holder comes in a variety of assorted colors to fit your style. Will fit Predator chalk and other 8 sided chalks.
Product ID : SSOCHxx
Product ID: SSOCHxx
Color Options: Avaliable

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Taco1234
Taco1234 bought
"Super Shot Octagon Magnetic Chalk holder"

Nice... But.

Its nice for the price but I'm assuming the little plastic wafer that came with to go into the rubber chalk holder was supposed to be metal. So I just used a steel washer to fit inside it then put my chalk into it so it magnetized to the clip. Easy fix but shouldn't of needed to do that.

"I've purchased 2 Predator Ikon cue sticks with 2 shafts for each stick. they arrived the following day in excellent condition. I also ordered 2 Instroke cue cases on different days, and again they arrived the following day. I have had excellent service from seyberts. When I e-mail them for information, they have always responded the same day, us..."

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