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Seyberts Octagon Chalker Fits Predator Chalk

Seyberts Octagon Chalker Fits Predator Chalk
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Seyberts logo 8ight ball octagon pool cue pocket chalker. This chalker will fit Predator chalk.
PRICE: $12.95 $7.95
Product ID : SEYPCOT
Holds: Octagon
Holder Type: Pocket Chalker

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by bpagels
bpagels bought
"Seyberts Octagon Chalker Fits Predator Chalk"

quality is decent for the price

haven't had an issue with one breaking at the string as others have but the plastic rod seems a bit flimsy and has bent to resemble a crescent moon now.i have since switched to a magnetic holder for my chalk and i dont think i will be returning to the rod style.
Reviewed by yyyghb4
yyyghb4 bought
"Seyberts Octagon Chalker Fits Predator Chalk"

Not great

I've owned two of these now. Each one has had the rubber holder pop off the retaining ball. I was able to put them back on a few times, but finally the rubber ripped. They've got to find a better way to attach the holder. Won't be buying another. If you're SUPER careful they might last.
Reviewed by kelvinn1996
kelvinn1996 bought
"Seyberts Octagon Chalker Fits Predator Chalk"

Best service

I previously got one that broke in a day, but apparently that was part of a defective batch. Seyberts was amazing; replacing the product with another one. I've bought over 1000 dollars of equipment and I havent been disappointed at all.
Reviewed by kelvinn1996
kelvinn1996 bought
"Seyberts Octagon Chalker Fits Predator Chalk"

Broke after 3 hours

After 3 hours in my pocket, it just fell off. The string connecting the octagon was poorly done. First product I'm disappointed in from this retail.

"I have purchased several LD shafts (Predator and Tiger) over the past few years and have been satisfied every time. Tonight I bought a Tiger Pro-X shaft for my Bill McDaniel Sneaky Pete and did so with confidence! Eddie Achey, Founder, Temple of Pool "

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