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Leather Magnetic Chalk Holder

Leather Magnetic Chalk Holder
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Leather magnetic chalk holder has a black leather belt / pocket loop for easy removal. The magnetic chalk bit is 2 pieces with the bottom half with metal base and the top half has chalking hole. Can be used with or without top part. Chalk not included.
PRICE: $6.49 $5.84
Product ID : BMC
Product ID: BMC
Holds: Cubed
Holder Type: Magnetic

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by zmuirbrook
zmuirbrook bought
"Leather Magnetic Chalk Holder"

Great for the price

The magnetic clip is simple and effective. I typically leave it on my cue case, but it could be strapped to a belt, pocket, or probably even waste band. I didn't really like the plastic chalk holder that come with it though. But for the price it does the job.

On a side note, I did find that the chalk holder with shaper scuffer sold here separately works with this also. And I like it much better.
Reviewed by ginerjm
ginerjm bought
"Leather Magnetic Chalk Holder"

Great product.

I speak without having actually used it yet. Just opened it (30 mins ago!) and have been marvelling at the versatility of the design. Something the website didn't quite make clear enough.

1 - the belt clip is a sturdy leather-wrapped piece of metal that is bent to fit over a belt and probably jeans as well. The metal is solid enough to hold it's shape but I can see that it can be altered to fit your needs.

2 - the chalk-holding part is actually 3 pieces - the main cube, a 'cap' and the metal square disk that sits inside to anchor it to. The main cube is nicely tapered so that the cap piece slides smoothly in and snugs down so that it should stay in place during play. The metal disk can go into either end of the main cube - either the pre-cut hold in the 'bottom', or in the cap which is hexagonally cut (should you want that for your chalking needs) to allow the metal to extend a bit farther our of the assembled cube to give a very strong magnetic grip.

3 - Should you desire you can use the tool with the chalk sitting backwards in the 'cap' piece so that you can insert it only halfway into the cube thereby leaving the entire face of the chalk sticking out far enough to apply the chalk all over the tip for those that don't "dip and spin". My personal choice. Of course for this setup you will have to epoxy the metal disk to the bottom of the cube since the chalk won't be pressed against to hold it in place. Piece of cake if that the design you choose.

So - all in all it's a great piece. One thing though. I bought 3 of these just in case there were any manufacturing problems and one of my units arrived the little magnetic plate having come off the mount inside the leather that it was glued to. Ten minutes later I had gorilla'ed it back in place and all was good.

For a less-than-$5 price this tool is a joy to behold.
Reviewed by Drewbouchez
Drewbouchez bought
"Leather Magnetic Chalk Holder"

Well it's five bucks

I'm not the guy that like to complain much but this look like it would work without getting all the chalk stain from the hanging ones so I got it and it fell apart when I put my first chalk in it lol. The magnet fell off nothing a lil super glue didn't fix so it's back in working condition

" Seybert,s is committed to excellance."

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