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Cuetec Tip Pick with Chalker

Cuetec Tip Pick with Chalker
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The Cuetec Tip Pick Chalker is constructed with a aircraft aluminum tip pick and includes looks like a shaft end. This is a great all in one tool to have in your case.
PRICE: $20.42 $18.33
Product ID : 17099
Product ID: 17099
Combo Tool: Holder / Tip Pic
Holds: Cubed / Octagon
Holder Type: Pocket Chalker

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by natek32
natek32 bought
"Cuetec Tip Pick with Chalker"

Great Product

I've had this chalk holder for about a month now and it's held up very nicely. The false ferrule/tip slipped off the cue portion but nothing a tiny bit of super glue couldnt fix. Most notably, this tool has made it much easier for me to habitually chalk every shot as i always have it on me; and furthermore, the rails of the table stays clean and chalk free no matter how long I play. Rating 4/5 stars for the false ferrule slipping off and in all honesty it's slightly spendy but in my opinion very well worth it.
Reviewed by rstearns11
rstearns11 bought
"Cuetec Tip Pick with Chalker"

cuetec chalk holder with tip pic

The portion that "slips" into your pocket is a scuffed up cue tip with a high coefficient of friction. This results in the holder snagging the fabric as you try to put it into your pocket. It should have been polished smooth fro easy insertion.
Reviewed by gman1151
gman1151 bought
"Cuetec Tip Pick with Chalker"

Chalk Holder Poorly Made

I bought this product about 6 months ago. Overall I was pleased with it. However the other night the rubber chalk holder separated from the attachment point. What I found was there is only a little rubber nub with a hole in it that attaches to the pic and this little nub just ripped.

I emailed Cuetec to see if I could get a replacement chalk holder. I got a reply asking for pics which I sent and never got a reply.

I liked the product overall but the way the chalk holder is attached it is doomed to fail, it's just poorly designed in my opinion. I have another chalk holder, a cheap one the uses a little metal piece that is attached to the rubber boot (For lack of a better term) and is much more secure.

I miss have the pic but I won't spend more money to get another one until they change the design.
Reviewed by Chagyy
Chagyy bought
"Cuetec Tip Pick with Chalker"

Good Chalker

Good chalker but gets dirty very easily like a real cue shaft. I just cleaned it 2 or 3 times to get back to its unused times...

But very handy and useful if you dont like to search for your chalk on the table.
Reviewed by flygon12
flygon12 bought
"Cuetec Tip Pick with Chalker"

Pretty Awesome

This is one of the best chalkers ever. The tip pick works great. I have had mine for close to six months now, and I love it. The only problem I had with it was the little plastic ferrule wasn't glued very well. It came right off. Luckily, I own a hot glue gun, so no problem.
Reviewed by daviddowns
daviddowns bought
"Cuetec Tip Pick with Chalker"

Cuetec Tip Pick with Chalker

great tool very handy
Reviewed by longhoang27
longhoang27 bought
"Cuetec Tip Pick with Chalker"

Best chalker I have used

I have used a lot of different chalkers out there and this is by far the best one I have tried. It never falls out of your pocket, it is much more durable than the ones that use a small plastic stick which breaks easily, and the tip pick is much more comfortable in your hand than some of the other styles.
Reviewed by runninraks
runninraks bought
"Cuetec Tip Pick with Chalker"

The best chalked!! Hands down

I play pool everyday and have used every chalker made. The things I like most about this chalker is the length, it never falls out of your pocket. I also love the tip pik connected to it, cause that is the only tool I ever use on my tip , shapers grind your tip away to quick! I would highly recommend this product... That's why I have 2 of them!!!
Reviewed by Yawger

Cool Looking, Highly Functional

This chalker is great. Cuetec, doesn't necessarily hold the highest level of esteem in the minds of many pool players, but they certainly did a great job engineering their chalker. Considering most chalkers are right in this price range anyways, the added benefits of a built in tip pick is what hooked me. Great design. The only knock I have had is that the tip of the mini cue falls off on occasion. Nothing a little Super Glue can't fix though. Overall a fantastic product.

"Got call, stock error got a choice of replacement or credit back. I got beautiful cue more then I paided for shipping was 3 day's with changed tip. Thanks very much, I look forward to ordering again with you. "

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