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Tiger Corona Bridge

Tiger Corona Bridge
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Tiger?s Corona Bridge is a leather bridge that easily slides on and off any pool cue it also provides better flexibility and control. The Corona Bridge will not scratch your pool cue shaft and has a rubber washer that fits any pool cue shaft.
PRICE: $24.95 $21.21
Product ID : CLBN
Product ID: CLBN

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by gshiga18
gshiga18 bought
"Tiger Corona Bridge"

Great Standard Size Bridge

This is my go to bridge head when I need to reach a far cue ball and there isn't an obstacle ball directly in front of the cue ball. I like the hard leather of this bridge, seems it feels durable and will last a long time, but without harming your shaft. Everyone who uses this bridge, always likes this bridge and asks which bridge this is. With that said, there are a couple things I don't like about this bridge. First, it sometimes makes a slight rubbing/squeaking sound against the shaft when stroking. I have a smooth shaft (not a lacquer finish), so not sure why it's making that noise. Second, this bridge is a little unstable when on its side-end. So when I need to reach over a close obstacle ball to reach the cue ball, then I reach for the Tiger Bridge Head which performs better in the tall department. Overall this is a nice standard size bridge head, and the fit/finish is nice.
Reviewed by Dan New


The leather makes this bridge very smooth to use. It's easy to use, easy to carry, and the lighter color makes it stand out so you don't leave it behind. I've left several darker ones sitting on the table when packing up my stuff.
Reviewed by jgrzyb
jgrzyb bought
"Tiger Corona Bridge"

Simple, but useful

It is very simple, but well-thought and functional bridge. It is worth having one in your case, if you do not want to break your concentration during pressure-cooker match when have to go on a quest for bridge who is apparently on the other side of the pool hall. It is suitable for most situations and the leather finish protects your playing shaft plus it can be installed on a bar cure or your own break cue!

"Rick and Kyle are awesome. when I decided to make the move to predator REVO 4s, their knowledge, willingness to help and answer questions, and their follow up on shipping is deeply appreciated. Hats off to them for super customer service, and for being an absolute pleasure to deal with."

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