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Keller Justa - Bridge Bridge Head

Keller Justa - Bridge Bridge Head
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Keller Justa - Bridge Bridge Head This has to be the must versatile bridge head on the market today. Just put the end of a cue into the bridge collar and lock it in. Then just turn the cue to adjust the bridge to the height and angle you need. Plastic construction with protective felt.
PRICE: $39.95 $31.96
Product ID : PJAB
Product ID: PJAB

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Redbow
Redbow bought
"Keller Justa - Bridge Bridge Head"

A good bridge.

I like the way it attaches to the cuetip. It folds by twisting the cue, and generally does the job well. It does however feel abit wobbly when you aim as it moves abit with your striking-cue. Im guessing it's because of the woolen grip being quite fresh, it will probably cease to do that when i've worn it out a bit.

Fancy and usefull, but could it be made in a better and stiffer quality material?

Reviewed by Runt3055
Runt3055 bought
"Keller Justa - Bridge Bridge Head"

This baby can do anything. Forget the bridges which are very often subpar at many tables. You can even set it up so its securly over a ball and easily make your shot. With just a twist of the wrist the possibilties are endless. And if your of a short stature its the greatest, as it seems to hug the cloth, therefore aidng you even more in that strech to have control over other bridges. This bridge is a GREAT GIFT any player would enjoy...even yourself! The first time I saw it at a tornament I went online and naturally Seyberts had it. What are you waiting for??
Reviewed by Yawger

Infinite Possibilities

If you're going to buy a bridge instead of using the one at the bar or tournament, you might as well get the best bridge you can find. It's not made of exotic wood, and looks somewhat like a giant bug when it's spread wide, but it'll support ANY situation you could think of where you might need a bridge. The adjustable angle and height ability gives you infinite options, which makes it a great value.

"This is the first time I order a cue stick via the Internet. I was a little worried 'cause I live in Thailand... 8 E-mails from Seybert for tracking my order, it's reassuring! Delivery as planned. Check items: no problem. If I have to recommend a site online it will be Seybert. Thank you."

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