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Corley Magnetic Chalk Clamp

Corley Magnetic Chalk Clamp
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Corley leather magnetic clamp chalk holder.  The Corley holder is constructed from leather with 2 very strong magnet. It can be worn over a belt looped into your pocket or waist band. The chalk holder cup is made a soft durable rubber and is held very secure to the leather holder with the strong magnets. The yellow and red holders are reversible to black.  Available in a wide range of colors and styles.
PRICE: $49.95 $40.00
Product ID : CORLEY
Product ID: CORLEY
Holds: Cubed
Holder Type: Magnetic

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by nike00
nike00 bought
"Corley Magnetic Chalk Clamp"

Corley leather magnetic chalk holder

Bought one for my newbie son and one for myself. It's one of the best investments I've made. We purchased the brown lace. If you reverse it to the other side the leather is darker. You have the ability to place the chalk with the chalk facing out or flip the holder around and it will hold the chalk from the side. Magnets are strong and it is well made. Getting this on sales was a bonus! I would recommend this to anyone.
Reviewed by WRichieX
WRichieX bought
"Corley Magnetic Chalk Clamp"

This thing is awesome!

I have tried many and they were all so weak. They were all so bad that I went out and bought magnets and made my own out of an old magnetic money clip. Put that home economics class from back in HS to use. But I came across this one and even though it's similar to the one I made, I wanted to try it. So glad I did. This thing is strong!!!! The chalk is not falling off by itself. Definitely worth the price!!!
Reviewed by NorthernArbiter
NorthernArbiter bought
"Corley Magnetic Chalk Clamp"

Worth the hefty price

Maybe there is s rare earth magnetic in the leather magnetic clamp... But it is awesome. The only fault to this great device is that you can only use very thin belts.... But no worries... Just put the leather magnetic pad on your back pocket..... The chalk holder will easily hold, and strongly hold, through jeans without any trouble at all.
Reviewed by tarenray
tarenray bought
"Corley Magnetic Chalk Clamp"

I was nervous at first

I was nervous at first but nothing comes close to this holder, nothing. Super strong magnet and yes its pricey but you wont ever need a new chalk holder ever again. Just pull the trigger!!
Reviewed by ap2ryp
ap2ryp bought
"Corley Magnetic Chalk Clamp"

best out there

cant go wrong with this, does the job very nice. worth the money
Reviewed by josephkoontz
josephkoontz bought
"Corley Magnetic Chalk Clamp"

The best, blows Kamui away.

I've used every time of chalk holder on the planet it seems. Most recently, have used the Kamui for almost a year now but not totally happy with it. It would fall off my pocket once in a while and the magnet was not super strong.
This is the best, by far. Super strong magnet and far superior design. A little pricey but well worth the investment.
Reviewed by ljhookem14
ljhookem14 bought
"Corley Magnetic Chalk Clamp"

The BEST Magnetic Holder

There are many imitations out there but nothing comes close to the Corley Magnetic Chalk Clamp. The Neodymium magnets are no joke and if I place the chalk jacket on the table and come close around 6", it just will jump to my pocket.

No more having your chalk fall off because the magnet is not strong enough. There are no shortcuts taken when designing this product.

The single best accessory I've ever bought in Pool.
Reviewed by justineagle

Great product

If it isn't apparent, the base part of this chalk holder "clamps" using magnets, so you can use it on your belt, on a pocket, or even just put it in your pocket. The magnets are really strong, so you don't have to worry about it moving around at all. You can also move the magnet in the cup to a hex holder if you like Predator chalk. High-quality product that I expect will last a long time.
Reviewed by Willie

Great Chalk Holder

Great chalk clamp. Before using Corley chalk clamp I was always getting blue chalk on my khaki pants or someone was unintentionally walking away with my chalk. The reliable/consistent location of the chalk made it easier to make chalking part of my pre shot routine . No more searching for the chalk. Finally Why is Corley Chalk Clamp? Great product and Gold Standard Customer Service
Reviewed by Mandy

Love the Corley clamps!

They are awesome and a very smart invention.

"I order 3 times with Seyberts, the service is amazing and quick shipping and almost free shipping (3.50$) in canada when you spend 200 or more. Im playing in a CPA League and all stuff I Need to play pool SEYBERTS is the best. Best Price on the net ;)"

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