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Penguin Brand PRO Pocket Pool Table Rails Covered 3045 Valley Tables

Penguin Brand PRO Pocket Pool Table Rails Covered 3045 Valley Tables
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Penguin Brand PRO POCKET rails for Valley pool tables. The undisputed champion of bar box tables... the pre-2001 93" Valley table. These tables were made to make money fast. The original rails are cut at 43 1/2 degrees at the corners and have a whopping 4 5/8" - 4 3/4" opening that was designed to "swallow" the balls. And that's good. "Quicker games, more quarters". Except that it's not quite the challenge that a Diamond table offers. Adding extra facings doesn't really do the job either.

Here's what Penguin did:

* Corner pocket angles are now cut at 51 degrees (call it 141 if you want)
* Corner pocket opening is now 4 1/4"
* Cushion facings are now 3/16", 60 durometer neoprene (Standard facings are 70 duro SBR rubber)
* The rails are "thicker" creating a deeper shelf Check the picture to see how many balls can hide behind the end of the rail and not fall!
* Premium Penguin Brand K55 cushion rather than the K66 "brown stuff"
* We do not use spray-on contact cement like the competition. Each piece of rubber is sanded and attached with resin glue for the best no-void bond.
* Weight These rails weigh just under 15 pounds per set. A new Valley set is 10 pounds. Our PRO POCKET rail set is SO SOLID you will be amazed. Very quiet and so fast.
PRICE: $410.00 $369.00

Product ID : xx55PRO
Product ID: xx55PRO

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These rails are not intended for the casual player. These rails are for the serious player who wants to sharpen his game and kick some butt on league night. When you swap your old set back on (takes 10 minutes tops) it will feel like you are shooting balls into a bucket. Now you have to aim for the opening and give your shots respect. There are no more gimmes. Ya gotta AIM! If you like the way a Diamond plays, this is what you are after. The 3/16" facings are a bit softer and feel like you are hitting the cushion instead of wood.  These rails will include 3045 fabric Not for the casual player, these tighten the pockets considerably Easily swapped  Perfect fit Note: the rail ends will "hangover" your pocket liners since they are longer


Valley rails are designed to fit pool table built before 2001 (rounded corners and 3 bolt rails)

Valley Tables

Model Number

Over All Table Length

End Rail Measurements

7855 78 Inches 29"
8555 85 Inches 32 1/2"
8855 88 Inches 33 3/4"
9355(most common) 93 Inches 36 1/2"
10155 101 Inches 41"


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