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Need a great price on a cue case or other billiard accessories? Well this is the place. Check out the deep discounts on our discontinued and close out cases and billiard accessories listed below. Limited Quantities available on the products listed below.
PoolGods Jump Cue
Item - PGJC
The PoolGods jump is simply the best performing jump cue on the market today....
$149.00 $79.95
Pool God's 1X1 Cloth Tube Pool Cue Case
Item - PGTC11
Pool God's 1x1 cloth tube hard pool cue case. This case is constructed from...
$24.95 $17.95
Pro Series 2x2 Blue WaterProof Pool Cue Case
Item - PS22BL-DIS
Discontinued Pro Series Designer blue 2 butt 2 shaft fabric cue case. This...
$70.00 $29.95
Sport Series 1x1 Black / White  Case
Item - SB1011BK-DIS
Discontinued Pro Series Sport Series black and white pool cue case. Fore!...
$119.99 $71.99
Sport Series 1x1 Blue / White  Case
Item - SB1011B-DIS
Discontinued Pro Series Sport Series blue pool cue case. Fore! This...
$119.99 $71.99
Pool God's 2x2 Silk Sleeve Pool Cue Case
Item - PJ22
Pool God's 2x2 silk sleeve hard pool cue case. This case is constructed from...
$45.99 $29.95
Black 4X8 Soft Case
Item - LC48BK
This black soft 4 butt 8 shaft case features five pockets for you cue...
$85.99 $59.95
Cue Case Brace By PoolGods
Quickly and easily secure your cue case in a vertical and non obtrusive...
$31.19 $17.95
Standard Ivory Color Uni-Loc Joint Protector
Ivory color Uni-loc joint protector.
$19.95 $5.95
White Uni-Loc 3 Piece Joint Protector Set
Item - JPUWH
White Uni-loc 3 piece joint protector set. This joint protector set come with...
$19.95 $4.95
Black Slip On Bridge Head
Item - A61
Constructed from black plastic this bridge head slips over the end of of your...
$3.95 $0.99
Cloth Cue Shaft Slicker
Item - A174
Cue cloth slicker removes dirt and oil from your pool cue shaft. Just slip...
$3.98 $1.99
Cue Cube Nylon / Leather Shaft Slicker
Item - 91135
Cue Cube nylon and leather pool cue shaft slicker. The nylon side of the...
$9.95 $6.95
Last 4 Ever Leather Burnisher
Item - LB
Last 4 Ever 3 1/8" round brown leather burnisher.  The suede side for...
$6.95 $4.95
Leather Slip On Bridge
Pool God's leather Slip On Bridge is a leather bridge that easily slides on...
$16.67 $9.95
Blue Diamond Pool Chalk 2pc.
Item - BLUED2
Blue Diamond Chalk 2 piece box is used by top professional and amateur...
$7.63 $4.99
Magic Chalk Blue 2 Cube Box Made in Russia
Blue Magic Chalk pool and billiard 2 cube chalk box. Made in Russia the Magic...
$9.95 $6.95
Magic Chalk Green 2 Cube Box Made in Russia
Green Magic Chalk pool and billiard 2 cube chalk box. Made in Russia the...
$9.95 $6.95
5/16 x 14 Thread Seyberts Logo Aluminum Joint Protectors
Item - SEYJP14BK
Seyberts 5/16 x 14 thread logo black aluminum joint protectors.
$14.95 $7.95
Cue Silk
Item - SKCS
Cue Silk pool shaft conditioner. Leaves your cue's shaft smooth; 30...
$5.64 $3.95
Cue Silk 2oz
Item - SKCS2
2 oz Cue Silk pool shaft conditioner. Leaves your cue's shaft smooth; 30...
$16.95 $9.95
Double Groove Radial Joint Protector Black
Item - RPUJP
Radial Pin Joint Protector Set. This rugged set of protectors will protect...
$11.95 $5.95
Seyberts Pocket Chalker
Item - SEYCH
Seyberts plastic pocket chalk keeps your chalk where it's easy to get at. The...
$8.25 $4.29
Silkleen 1oz. Dry
Item - SILKD
Silkleen Dry Formula. Cleaner will leave your shaft looking like new with...
$11.95 $9.56
Silkleen 1oz. Wet
Item - SILKW
Silkleen instant shaft and ferrule cleaner; contains no bleach or other...
$11.95 $7.95
Steady Eddys Stick Tonic Glove Alternative
Steady Eddy's Cue Tonic is a spray which is applies to the shaft to keep the...
$24.95 $8.95
5/16 x 18 Thread Seyberts Logo Aluminum Joint Protectors
Item - SEYJP18BK
Seyberts 5/16 x 18 thread logo black aluminum joint protectors.
$14.95 $7.95
Sir Joseph Black Billiard Gloves
Item - SJBK
Sir Joseph Billiard black pool gloves we designed and styled personally by...
$12.08 $5.00
Cue It Up 2 Pool Cue Holder Clip
Discontinued Cue It Up lightweight portable 2 pool cue holder. This cue...
$12.00 $5.95
Cue it up 4 Pool Cue Holder Clip
Discontinued Cue It Up portable 4 pool cue holder. This holder is spring...
$15.00 $8.95
Master Personal Chalk Holder
Item - 190M
Master Billiard Chalk personal chalk holder. Comes with 1 piece of Master...
$2.27 $0.99
Porper Cut Rite
Item - 7000
The Joe Porper Cut Rite - The Porper Products Cut Rite tool has a...
$19.94 $14.95
Porper Mushroom Grazer
Item - 7100
The Porper Products Mushroom Grazer is an excellent pool cue tip tool for...
$24.95 $16.95
Porper Shaper Tacker
Item - 7675
Joe Porper's shaper/tacker has a tip shaper on one end and tacker on the...
$12.95 $6.95
Karomi Black Pearl Pool Cue Tip
Item - 225-14x
The Karomi Black Pearl laminated cue tips are 12 layers of hand picked...
$12.99 $6.50
Universal Billiards Blue Elf Tip
Item - UTB1
Universal billiards Blue Elf 14mm vacuum laminated leather cue tip. These...
$5.95 $1.00
What Our Customers Have To Say
"Seybert's is the best... I'm just writing to let you know that I'm very pleased with the Predator BK cue I won at your web site. My only problem is that the cue performs so phenomenally that I have a hard time using it as a "Break Cue" and not my primary. The Bunjee Jumper I ordered works like a champ. I'll never order from another on-line com..."

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