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5/16 x 14 Thread Bull Carbon Cue Shaft

5/16 x 14 Thread Bull Carbon Cue Shaft
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The Koda Bull Carbon Fiber Shaft is constructed with 1mm thick carbon walls, surpassing all other competitors in durability. The Bull Carbon comes in two shaft diameters, 11.75 and 12.25, and is available in a variety of joint styles. This shaft comes with a black plate featuring a thin white juma tip pad equipped with a standard black Kamui soft tip.
PRICE: $499.00 $399.00

Product ID : VJ14-BCSxxxx
Product ID: VJ14-BCSxxxx
Default Tip: Kamui Black Soft
Beauty Ring: Black Collar
Shaft Diameter: 11.75mm
Shaft Length: 29 Inch
Shaft Taper: Gradual Rise Pro Taper

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  • 1mm Carbon Fiber shaft wall thickness
  • White juma Ferrule
  • Pro Taper
  • Stock Kamui Black Soft tip ( Other tip options available)
  • Available in 12.25 and 111.75 Tip Diameter
  • Multiple joint types available
  • Interchangeable joint


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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by CJMicklitsch

Pretty Good Carbon Shaft

On the recommendation of one of the Seyberts sales team I picked up one of these shafts for my Pechauer. Before even shooting i noticed that the shaft is very very smooth, almost no texture to it at all like a wood shaft would have. The quality of the joints is very good, no gaps or signs of glue etc. The Kamui tip was a nice bonus. Knowing i wouldnt have to upgrade tips anytime soon is a plus. They use a swappable joint system so theoretically if the brand keeps going I can get different joints to swap out for my other joint types. I have a JP Pro Lite shaft for my Pechauer and it is a LD shaft. Shooting with this Carbon shaft gives a similar but more rigid feel to shooting. There is no discernable tink or odd sound to hitting. The shaft is clearly lighter than its wood counterpart. I would say if you are a stickler on the weight of your cue you may need to change the weight in the butt to accommodate the new shaft. Overall i feel this was a good purchase and look forward to seeing how it performs over time.

"Cary, My shipment arrived on Friday. It was perfectly packaged and arrived ahead of schedule. The Predator is a beautiful, clean work of art and it plays wonderfully! Thanks for the Excellent service, Mike T."

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