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Simonis Cloth X-1 Pool Table Cloth Cleaner

Simonis Cloth X-1 Pool Table Cloth Cleaner
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The Simonis X-1 deeply extracts the chalk dust from the baize and retains it in its revolutionary high-tech structure! A billiard cloth deserves efficient cleaning In order to best preserve its qualities. The Simonis X-1 is for this purpose and we devised and developed a totally innovative accessory.
Product ID : X1C
Product ID: X1C

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Simonis has continuously had the objective and the priority of improving the quality of its billiard-table cloths in order to offer an optimum material from the point of view of quality, precision, durability and consistency in all of the disciplines related to billiards.

In order to best preserve its qualities, a billiard cloth deserves efficient cleaning. It is for this purpose that Iwan Simonis has devised and developed a totally innovative accessory: the Simonis X-1.
For regular maintenance of the playing surface i.e. the removal of chalk dust, you will no longer need a traditional brush that only moves this dust around on the cloth, nor daily use of a vacuum cleaner that may damage the cloth and the use of which is therefore impractical, nor a maintenance product that is likely to stretch or discolour the cloth or alter its properties. The Simonis X-1 deeply extracts the chalk dust from the baize and retains it in its revolutionary high-tech structure!
Use of SIMONIS X-1
The Simonis X-1 works by static electricity and by capillarity. It is therefore a very flexible and rapid back and forth movement and not the exaggerated pressure which would be needed for the optimal effectiveness of a brush.

After having cleaned the whole table, including the horizontal part of the cushions, use the Simonis X-1 to delicately brush the playing surface in parallel lines in order to give the cloth its well-kept appearance.

The Simonis X-1 possesses a high absorption capacity and can easily retain the dust of half a chalk in its textile structure. Once the Simonis X-1 no longer seems to retain the chalk, all one has to do is release the dust absorbed by the high-tech structure to restore its initial effectiveness.
To do this, we recommend that you either vacuum the textile structureor beat/slap the structure with your hand.

(do not hit the Simonis X-1 against a hard surface which could damage the X-1 or that same surface; do not clean the textile surface with any liquid)

Please note however that the textile surface will retain the color of the chalk, even after having been emptied. This colouration is normal and in no way alters the effectiveness of the Simonis X-1.
The Simonis X-1 can absorb any sort of fine dust provided that it can be integrated into the high-tech structure of the X-1.


The dimensions and shape of the Simonis X-1 have been designed to be best adapted to each user. Its non-slip handle is suited to all hands and its size is designed to maintain optimum control during the cleaning of your table.
Its curved shape enables it to be used effectively along the cushions, without risk of damaging the cloth or the rubber.

detail SIMONIS X-1


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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by sl315
sl315 bought
"Simonis Cloth X-1 Pool Table Cloth Cleaner"

Simonis X1

Device cleans off chalk very well. I recommend this for everyone that has Simonis cloth table.
Reviewed by Jzon007

Simonis x-1

this tool works . Its amazing I installed new cloth a few weeks ago. I use this directly after playing each session . I vacumn first then I use this tool. My cloth looks as good as the day it was installed . A must have to keep your table in tip top shape.
Reviewed by BJKZ
BJKZ bought
"Simonis Cloth X-1 Pool Table Cloth Cleaner"

Worth the Money

If you're going to invest the money in top of the cloth, it only makes sense to invest in the best way to keep it playing to its full potential. This device, while pricey, works like a charm and is sure to keep your table playing its best. I highly recommend it.

Thanks again to Seybert's for its fast shipping and communications!
Reviewed by nickisnoob
nickisnoob bought
"Simonis Cloth X-1 Pool Table Cloth Cleaner"

Good but pricey

Good product, does as advertised. Cleans chalk off hassle free without damaging the table.

A little overpriced in my opinion.
Reviewed by garytee42

I'll never use anything else

I HATE having a dirty hand from chalk all over the table. The Simonis X1 helps make sure that is never a problem on my home table. It's easy to use (can even use it between innings when you play with someone who chalks like they're drilling for oil) and easy to clean when it gets saturated with chalk.
Reviewed by [email protected]

Time is on my side

Whats that? My friends ask when they see my Simonis x-1 from Seyberts. I explaine how simply it works and what I really like is the slim design by turning it upside down you can clean the bottom side of rails and even where the rails meet the table, places a brush or crevice tool on a vacuum can't reach. Will how do you clean the tool? Just take it to the wastebasket and tap it and its ready to go again. Best of all it only takes a few minutes.
Reviewed by GREG W
GREG W bought
"Simonis Cloth X-1 Pool Table Cloth Cleaner"

Don't Be Blue

This Revolutionary Cleaning Product Removes Chalk Dust From Your
Pool Table Cloth Via Static Electricity Produced By A Quick Back And
Forth Movement On The Cloth.

The Dome Shaped Design Also Allows You To Clean Under The Rails,
Where Dust & Chalk Can Build-Up.

The X-1 Is Very Easily Cleaned.
To Release The Chalk Dust Caught In The Hi-Tech Pad, Just Vacuum It.

In My Opinion, Well Worth The Money To Keep Your Table Cloth Playing True,
And Your Hands From Turning Blue.

I Rate The Cleaning Product 5 Out Of 5 Stars!

Reviewed by [email protected]

Works Great

Wasn't sure about this when I looked at it, but my wife purcahsed it for me for my Birthday and am so glad she did. I use it a couple of times a week and it really cleans down deep getting everything up off the cloth and even though I still brush as well it really does save me time and get the cloth much cleaner. All in all a really valuable piece of equipment.
Reviewed by Yawger

Best cleaning device on the market

I purchased this item when I bought my table, and it stands out far and away better than any brush or spray I've ever used. The static cling it uses to literally suck the chalk out of the cloth is revolutionary, and keeps my table rolling smooth and fast!

"Got my table redone and Cory did a wonderful job. Good job thanks"

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