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Joss Thor Hammer Ironwood Break Cue

Joss Thor Hammer Ironwood Break Cue
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Joss Thor Hammer Ironwood break cue has a Ironwood butt with 2 Purple Heart bands.
PRICE: $330.00 $280.50

Product ID : JOSTHIW
Default Tip: Boar Skin
Cue Type: Break Cue
Shaft Type: Hard Maple
Joint Type: 5/16 x 14 Thread
Shaft Diameter: 13mm
Shaft Length: 29 Inch
Shaft Taper: Pro Taper
Joint Collar: Implex
Cue Wrap: No Wrap
Wood Type: Ironwood
Warranty: Limited

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by tedpool
tedpool bought
"Joss Thor Hammer Ironwood Break Cue"

Beauty, Power and Control

I ordered this break cue with a Samsara jump/break tip and I'm very impressed by the power and control offered by this combination. For the last two years, I used a McDermott Stinger cue to break, and I got tired of the lack of control from the pure phenolic tip. I was getting great ball spread, but would have a hard time controlling where the cue ball ended up, and would scratch far too often. This Joss cue was just what I needed. It shatters racks and I still get really good spread on my breaks, but I can get the cue ball to stay in the center of the table much more easily now.

The ironwood has a beautiful glow to it, and my cue is somewhat lighter in color than the photo here shows. The two purple heart bands add the perfect amount of color and character. It's so good looking that you could even put a playing shaft on it and use it as your regular cue. Finally, you can't tell from the photos here, but this cue has an all black ferrule. That's fine with me because it's easy to tell that I'm grabbing my break cue and not my playing cue instead.

They say the break is the most important shot in pool. That being said, you don't need to spend 500 bucks or more on a break cue. The Thor Hammer gives you beauty, power, and control for a very fair price. Plus, it's made in the USA. You gotta love that.
Reviewed by klibs


This cue far exceeded my expectations. I got mine at ~19oz with a samsara tip. The cue has excellent balance and feel... so much so that the break stroke can be adjusted to be more fluent and you can focus on accuracy and control vs power. It crushes racks. Seriously, it performs far better than I could have asked for.

Looks great too, pictures do not do it justice. It is a very good looking cue with character. I can see why some rave about joss products...
Reviewed by joshstephenson
joshstephenson bought
"Joss Thor Hammer Ironwood Break Cue"

Powerful, light and precise

I haven't owned many break cues but I've used a few. I wanted a light cue with a leather tip to work on increasing my accuracy and getting a squarer hit on the ball.

This cue is exactly what I needed. It's balance is great and the hit feels as solid as a one-piece (the joint is impressive in that regard) and the tip allows great control.

I suspect this is just as good as a Predator or Mezz jump cue, but I don't really have the experience to back that up.

"Dear Seybert's, Thanks so much for everything. It took only about 60 hours from the time I ordered my cue and paid for it to have it at my door, seemingly in perfect order and waiting for my first chance to play with it. Thought I was going to have to wait for a couple of weeks, instead it was only a few days. Will definitely do business with yo..."

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