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Black Friday 9-Ball - Terms and Conditions

Black Friday 9-Ball - Terms and Conditions 

What is it?

We are going to be refunding every 1 out of every 9 orders that are made on our website - effectively making the order completely FREE. 

How it will work

Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday (12:00 am Friday morning, Eastern US time, until 11:59 pm on Monday night, Eastern US time) our system will flag every 9th completed order on our website. (A completed order is one with the checkout process completed and a purchase is made) 

These orders will then be processed and shipped as normal and they will also be reviewed by our team, after which we will begin the refund process and notify the winners that their order will be effectively FREE. Winners should see a refund of their purchase credited back to the bank with which they made the purchase within a few days, depending on your financial institution. 

Our accountants don’t like this idea, while we are mostly ignoring them, we are limiting orders to $5,000, and this offer is not open to wholesale dealers and distributors. 

Do I need to place 9 orders to win? 

No - The competition is 'every 9th order we receive from anyone* will win', NOT every 9th order you make. (*Distributors and Dealers are excluded - as mentioned above) 

Can I increase my chances of winning?

Yes - If you plan to purchase multiple items, you can make several orders instead of one, however shipping rates will be calculated on separate orders and you are still not guaranteed to win… and of course your order value that is refunded will be less - so you win less (if you win). 

If you place multiple orders, a condition of winning is that you cannot return other items placed during this period. This is to prevent people from ordering 9 cues (for example) and returning all the orders that don’t win. Please don’t try and ‘game’ the system, we will see it and cancel all of your orders. 

“Pending winner” - Someone who has been chosen as a winner and is under our team review process. Please be patient - our team is not working all weekend and we are expecting a lot of orders. Rest assured, you will get your product as normal (we will not delay shipping) 

Check our social media to see what some other people have received credits for - making their entire order completely FREE. 

No purchase necessary - to make this fair for everyone - we have to let anyone take part… so if you want to enter, call our team at the number on our site and say you’d like to enter… and if you win - your entire purchase price of zero dollars will be refunded to you - Good Luck ;)


"Thanks for the great customer service. This is the Seyberts that I've known for years. I will keep recommending Seyberts to the people in the club. More orders are going to come in soon! "

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