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Becue Engage 12.3mm Uni-Loc Carbon Fiber Cue Shaft

Becue Engage 12.3mm Uni-Loc Carbon Fiber Cue Shaft
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The BeCue Engage 12.3mm Carbon Fiber Shaft has been created to offer the player a pure full carbon experience, starting from the taper, passing through the sound, and arriving at its surface finish. It was born with these objectives, and after years of research and development, beginning from the already incredible Prime M and using their knowledge in the composite fiber world, got what they wanted. The Engage shaft is made completely of unidirectional carbon fiber, with several suitably sized and oriented layers connected together to improve as much as possible the positive aspects of carbon within the game of billiards. The lamination used, combined with the 18” pro taper and the famous patented front end technology AURORA, offers very great rigidity and a great reaction speed to external mechanical stresses while remaining very light. This results in very low deflection, the ability to transfer great effect to the cue ball even at low speeds, and great control. To enhance the material as much as possible, they opted for light soundproofing, maintaining the acute, metallic, and almost harmonic notes of the carbon fiber, dampening and rounding off those that are too high, jagged, and annoying. Pure carbon also for the finish, made pleasant to the touch, clean, and smooth thanks to a thorough work of sanding and polishing that makes the perceived comfort on the fingers last over time without the need for great maintenance. The brand new Engage shaft is not presented as an evolution of the Prime-M but as its alternative. It offers completely different features, is more technical, more aggressive, designed, and built not to be a copy of something else, but to be the highest expression of carbon fiber in cue sports according to Becue's interpretation.

Product ID : BC393
Product ID: BC393
Default Tip: Core M
Joint Type: Uni-Loc Quick
Shaft Diameter: 12.3mm
Shaft Length: 29 Inch
Shaft Taper: Gradual Rise Pro Taper
Warranty: Becue Warranty

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Features & Customization:

Tip diameter: 12,3 mm
Joint diameter: world pool standard 21,3 mm
Front End Technology: AURORA patented, Vision ferrule
Shaft length: 29 inches standard
Weight: 120 g
Available joints: B-Loc (Becue cues), Uni-Loc®, Radial®, 3/8x10, 3/8x11, 5/16X14, 5/16X18 (flat), Mezz® United, Mezz® Wavy,
Blank Taper: low rise
Tip: Becue CORE tip M (standard)


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