Aramith Micro Fiber Towel

Aramith Micro Fiber Towel
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Product ID: AR1059
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The Aramith Micro-Fiber Cloth is much more than a regular cloth:

  • High cloth resistance: strong fibre with "w" anchorage within the textile structure; this velvet structure means no fibers will be lost on the ball surface.
  • Absorption: absorbs 4x its weight in water, 8x its weight in grease.
  • Fiber thickness: 0.6 g/10.000 m insures excellent cleaning performance; even inside small surface defects or scratches.
  • Fiber shape: the curly shaped fibres easily remove dust from the ball's surface and capture dust into the microfibre through electrostatic effect due to friction on the ball's surface.
  • Fiber height: 3 to 4 mm.
  • High fiber density: 40,000 fibres/cm2, insure excellent cleaning and polishing.
  • High dimensional stability: no shrinkage after hot wash (60?C/140?F).
  • Flexible protective under layer coating: will keep your hand dry during ball cleaning.
  • High fiber crush resistance: recovers its initial volume and absorption after use.


  • Wash at 60?C/140?F when suitable.
  • No ironing: ready to use after washing.

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by t7fce
t7fce bought
"Aramith Micro Fiber Towel"

Will last a long time

Used with the Aramith Cleaner and it really put a nice shine on the set. Removed marks and chalk without much rubbing especially if used regularly after a few sessions. Made well and should be durable for many uses.
Reviewed by JackSparrow
JackSparrow bought
"Aramith Micro Fiber Towel"


It's a nice towel with the Aramith logo.
Reviewed by Yawger

A great addition

It works great with the Aramith ball polish. It's not absolutely necessary, but for just a couple bucks it's worth it. It does bring the balls to a slightly better shine than a simple cotton cloth.
Reviewed by KenC

Aramith Micro Fiber Towel

This works great with Aramith Ball Cleaner. When your finished just clean it in water and let it dry.

"Great service! I had my cue in 2 days. Very slight warp in the shaft and I asked to have another one sent to me for comparison. It was done promptly and cheerfully. That is good customer service and fosters repeat business. Thanks."

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