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A Pool Lesson DVD with Jerry Briesath

A Pool Lesson DVD with Jerry Briesath
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Jerry taught many of the game's top players. He was instrumental in starting the Billiard Congress of America’s (BCA) instructor program. Which is now The Professional Billiard Instructor’s Association (PBIA). The BCA gave Jerry the honor of being the Dean of Master Instructors.” He's also an American Cue Sports (ACS) Level 4 Instructor (the highest level). Now, Jerry presents the most informative and exhaustive instructional DVD set in the world. Learn the same techniques he teaches the pros. This set includes more than 4 hours of instruction on more than 50 topics (and thousands of dollars worth of lessons).
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Product ID: APLDVD
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This set includes more than 4 hours of instruction on more than 50 topics (and thousands of dollars worth of lessons). You’ll learn:

  • THE FUNDAMENTALS: Stance, grip, bridge, stroke, break and aim.
  • MANAGING THE CUE BALL: Spin, tangent lines, speed trade-off, position.
  • BANKING AND KICKING: Making it all make sense.
  • DRILLS: Fun games and simple tricks to quickly improve your game.
  • FIXES: How to fix the flaws that cost you games.

It’s all here. Jerry Briesath blends his easy-going style, demonstrations from himself and World Class Player and Master Instructor, Mark Wilson (one of Jerry’s students) plus easy to understand graphics to help players at all skill levels benefit from what he’s learned and taught for many decades.


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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by briankuiper
briankuiper bought
"A Pool Lesson DVD with Jerry Briesath"

Excellent instructional series

Over the last 30+ years I have viewed dozens of instructional pool videos but have to say, "A Pool Lesson" is the most concise of them all. Jerry has a way of using shot examples and analogies that just plain make sense. Most of what is covered in these instructional DVD's I have seen before, but never all in one set and never as enjoyable to watch.

Whether you're a beginner looking to establish correct technique out of the gate, or a seasoned player that may need a few reminders after years of bad/lax habits, this set has you covered. Highly recommend Jerry Briesath's "A Pool Lesson".
Reviewed by cirlbeck
cirlbeck bought
"A Pool Lesson DVD with Jerry Briesath"

Pool lesson with Jerry Brieseth

Lots of good info in this 3 disc set.Production quality of the video is great. Jerry and Mark did a great job giving advise and demonstrating many techniques. Will definitely be a big help to the beginning through intermediate players. I think that some higher skilled players could find tips that would help them as well.
Reviewed by Pods
Pods bought
"A Pool Lesson DVD with Jerry Briesath"

A Pool Lesson DVD with Jerry Briesath

The first CD on mechanics is worth the price of the whole set! By far, the best instructional DVDs out there.
Reviewed by REddings
REddings bought
"A Pool Lesson DVD with Jerry Briesath"

Lots of information

Throughout the years I've always heard of Jerry Briesath being one of the best instructors around. After watching this dvd I can see why. The dvd is packed with information. From beginner all the way through intermediate. All skill levels will find something useful from this teaching.

"I'd like to say that I have purchased many things ranging from gloves, predator shafts, chalk and various other pool related items from the site to have all of them show up perfect and to be exactly what I wanted and expected. Recently I have sent my 19 year old Viking custom cue for some work, I have had a wrap redone and more recently a pin ch..."

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