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The Barefoot Cue Book

The Barefoot Cue Book
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The Barefoot Cue Ball book by Paul A. "DOC" Rutter has 114 pages with an easy entry into the magic world of cue ball manipulation and it also contains a few entertaining pool stories. It is not for rank beginners but intended for players who been at it for awhile and are looking for a little something extra. Everybody will pick up a great idea or insight from it, but it be most valuable for intermediate players who like to think they already know how to play, but are frustrated often enough by the game to know that something is missing.

It is written in simple terms, with simple language and graphics and a simple, light-hearted and humorous voice. It’s an easy book to read that’s essentially about seeing the game from the perspective of the cue ball.  Everything from Pocketing Balls to Stopping the Cue Ball, from Relaxed Draw to Natural Slip Stroke, from Energy management to Eight Ball Pattern Shooting and a lot more.  All of it in, as the author states, “Pure Ohio Valley Redneck” style. He let’s you know up front, “I will use Quote marks excessively and some Redneck country boy slang on occasion, and Capitals wherever I choose to put them, for some slight emphasis.” A fun and enjoyable read.


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