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99 Critical Shots In Pool Book

99 Critical Shots In Pool Book
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Ray Cool Cat" Martin, former Pool Champion in the World, shares his secrets for playing winner's pool.
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Product ID: B119
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The 99 Critical Shots in Pool
Not one player in one hundred can sink five, six, or seven balls without a miss-and yet it is easily within the power of all players. They simply do not know how to "cut" balls, "throw" balls, use English, "draw" balls, set up "key" balls, and get "frozen" balls off a cushion. Nor do they understand the "double kiss," "semi-masse shots," "cushion first" shots, or "cheat-the-pocket" shots. The amazing thing is that using Martin's system, many of these shots can be performed with almost no practice at all!

Over 200 illustrations showing the proper form, technique, and approach

  • The Center Ball Cheat-the-Pocket
  • The Hook Shot
  • The Seven Ball Stop Shot
  • The Jump Shot
  • The Frozen Kiss Shot
  • The Nudge Shot
  • The Side Pocket By-Pass Shot


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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Crackshot

Decent read

This is an overall, decent book but there aren't a whole lot of useful shots we come up against on a daily basis. However, I can say that there has been times where I encounter a situation similar to what was diagramed in this book and I though, hey I think I can pull off this shot I read about in this book. The occasions are rare and only a few people have ever told me "good shot." It's not a bad book, I would just pick up other books first.
Reviewed by ronis

Give it a miss

IMHO it's a book you can skip in favour of much more useful books available.
These 99 shots, most of which are straight pool shots, are not going to improve your game unless you're completely new to pool and have no other books at your disposal.
Reviewed by Yawger

Decent start

This is a good book for beginners I find. Shows a lot of great techniqes and fundementals. I really prefer Robert Byrne's book "Byrne's Complete Book of Pool Shots. I feel like it gives you better incite into more options. This is a good start though, and a little less to comprehend all at once for someone just starting to develop their pool skill set.
Reviewed by jeffb78

Not impressed

I had heard so many great things about this book that perhaps I hyped it up too much in my mind. I was not expecting so many straight pool scenario type shots. I think there are at least 15 different types of carom shots outlined too. I find that to be a few too many. There are a couple of good shots in here but I think it should be aimed more for the beginning player.

"I’ve bought several items here. Always great with the communication. Items always come packaged excellent. Shipping is always fast. Will definitely do business with them again "

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