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3 Cushion Billiard System Book

3 Cushion Billiard System Book
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Product ID: 3CSB
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by Sid Banner

Sid Banner, the self-dubbed “professional amateur,” also known as “System Sid,” has been playing and studying three cushion billiards for over 65 years.  He began creating shot drawings in 1947 and continued until the first printing of this book in 2004.  The end result was a fully comprehensive three cushion billiard guide containing over 165 diagrams, historical pictures, an extensive billiard glossary and the rules.  

In this 200-page, spiral bound book, nearly every billiard system in existence is covered, including:  the Clock System, the Diamond System, the System Sid 3/C Ball Hit System (for long and short angles), the Carom or Bank System, the Corner Plus System, the Cross Table System, the End Rail System, and the First Object Ball Hit Direction System.  Although each has its own unique formula for figuring out the hit, they all have certain things in common.  The similarities are explained in the foreword, and it is recommended that this be examined before diving into the rest of the book.

In addition to learning the basic mathematical formulas for each system, there are also precise instructions on what speed, bridge height, bridge length, cue angle and English should be used to make the shot.  Once the primary factors have been established, specific adjustments are given to help you find the ball when it is off from the original location.


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"3 Cushion Billiard System Book"

Sid Banner 3 Cushion Book

A ton of information in this book. Great for learning kicks as well if you're a rotation player.

"Retired a cue I've had for years now and of course I always buy from Seyberts. Searched their site and found a few I liked. Called them the next day and talked with Dave and he helped a whole lot. A couple days later made the trip to the shop and tried a limited Lucasi and a Z3 shaft. It was like it was blessed by God, the perfect cue, for me. A..."

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