A Practical Treatise On The Game Of Billiards Book

A Practical Treatise On The Game Of Billiards Book
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A Practical Treatise On The Game Of Billiards book.
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If you thought your difficulties in learning how to play with better skill and knowledge is only a problem for modern players, you are wrong, wrong, wrong. The first book in the series, "A Practical Treatise on the Game of Billiards" demonstrates that the players of the 1800's faced the same situations that you deal with today.

The writing style takes a little time to get used to reading, but once you make the adjustments, the material is presented with extraordinary clarity. There are instructions on stance, stroke, spin, and speed. Not only the fundamentals are covered. You also get guidance on angles, tangent lines, and aiming. There is even information on tactics and strategies plus a warning about sharpers (hustlers) that were also common in the public places of the day.

An extensive part of the book concentrates on tactical responses in numerous common game situations. You will have to learn the rules as then played in order to understand "winning hazards" and "losing hazards". Once you do so, the true depth and details provided are extraordinary.

Many of these tactics have been lost during the last 150 years. Adapting them to fit your shot library will give you many extra options that others can not even image. If you want to play pool with a greater appreciation of it's complexities, you need to buy and study this book along with the others as they are released.

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"It's a shame the rating only goes to 10 because I would definitely give Rick and the rest of the Seybert's staff an easy 15! Their customer service surpasses all other billiard supply companies I have encountered in the past. After receiving a call that the cue I wanted was not in stock I received an email offering me an upgrade with several mod..."

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