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Predator Chalk 1080 5 Piece Tube

Predator Chalk 1080 5 Piece Tube
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Predator chalk 1080 octagon shape chalk 5 piece tube. Driven by innovation and tested by top pros, it's Pure performance chalk.

After more than five years of research and development, and three years of testing by the game's top pros, the next Predator evolution has arrived. Comprised of a special formula utilizing Pure silica and an exacting development process, 1080 Pure was created with one thing in mind winning.

Product ID : PREDCH
Product ID: PREDCH
Color: Blue
Pack Size: 5 Pieces

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by longbodie
longbodie bought
"Predator Chalk 1080 5 Piece Tube"

Very good

Hold very good on your cue tip, not as messy as other $20-$30 a piece of chalk out there, better than master in my oponion.
Reviewed by cirlbeck
cirlbeck bought
"Predator Chalk 1080 5 Piece Tube"

Predator 1080 chalk

Good chalk.. no issues with it so far...
Not crazy about the octagon shape although I thought it would be cool ...Just feels weird.
That doesn't make a difference at all... Wish they made it cube shaped...
Reviewed by bpagels
bpagels bought
"Predator Chalk 1080 5 Piece Tube"

great chalk

stays on for a few shots. i really liked this chalk when trying out different types. i'm not a fan of the shape honestly but if you can get past that predator is one of the better mid range chalk options.
Reviewed by ss5549

Price ratio

I think it's okay,
Reviewed by [email protected]
[email protected] bought
"Predator Chalk 1080 5 Piece Tube"


A good friend gave me my first cube of this chalk. I use a predator tip as well and love the gritty feel of this chalk. It seems to stick to the tip better than most I've tried. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by tfait826
tfait826 bought
"Predator Chalk 1080 5 Piece Tube"

Best for the price

I have been using predator chalk for several years now. Nothing beats it for the price. I find it holds great on just about any tip.
Recommended for all skill levels.
Reviewed by dbuts

Best Chalk

I'm not a fan of expensive chalks that you use once a game as losing it would drive me insane and I don't feel confident unless I chalk before every shot. This chalk feels absolutely the best of any I have tried and it lasts so much longer than a cube of predator. Not at all hype, this is the real deal and is my new go to!
Reviewed by Sharking4life
Sharking4life bought
"Predator Chalk 1080 5 Piece Tube"

Love this chalk!!

I’ve had this chalk for about a month and haven’t miscued yet! This is some awesome stuff!!
Reviewed by natek32
natek32 bought
"Predator Chalk 1080 5 Piece Tube"

Predator 1080

Predator chalk is a happy medium between Masters and Kamui .98, although I would personally choose Masters over Kamui .98 because the Kamui is far too thick and chunky, and often leaves not only dust on the cue ball, but actual chunks of chalk that will physically alter the rolling path of the cue ball they're so big.

But back to the Predator; it sticks to the tip very well with little effort in application, and provides more than enough grab on the cue ball, allowing players to skip chalking maybe every other shot (if you're into that).

If I were to nitpick, I would say I am not a huge fan of the octagonal shape because if dropped on the floor, or worse in a ball return style pocket, it can roll really far. However, I will still give it an honest rating of 5/5.
Reviewed by ridgwayb
ridgwayb bought
"Predator Chalk 1080 5 Piece Tube"

I don’t know what all the complaints are about - Love this stuff.

Just on a whim, I decided to purchase a tube. As my title says, I don’t know what some of the other reviewers are complaining about. Maybe it’s the tips they have on their cues or something else. But so far I’ve got no complaints at all. In fact I love this stuff.

I have two cues. An older Players cue with the “original” Le Pro medium tip that came on it and my newer Pure X cue that came with a Kamui Black soft tip. Since acquiring the Pure X cue, the Players has become my Break cue. I find I get a nice even coat on both tips with little to no discernible caking and I’ve yet to notice any chalk deposits on any of the tables I play on, or leave any more of a mark on the Cue Ball than anyone else. As for longevity on the tip after a single application, I have no idea. That’s because I habitually re-chalk before every shot. Now for price, yes it’s quite a bit more expensive than Master Chalk. But when you compare it with the chalks I’ve noticed others use, like Double Dimond or Magic Chalk , it’s vary comparable.

Now for the things I like about this chalk. For one thing, the Octagon shape. I can quickly tell my chalk from the house chalk or anyone else’s, anywhere on the table. Yes, it does feel a bit more gritty than the normal Master Chalk every bar and pool hall puts out on their tables. But I kinda like the grittiness. It makes a nice audable squeak as I apply it and I think it gives me better spin with less effort. The only time I miscue, is when I screw up and flat out over cue on a shot because I’m on the rail or bridging over another ball. On the truly rare occasion when I’m not paying attention and accidentally pick up the house chalk, I know immediately when I start to apply it. It feels smoother and doesn’t squeak. Then when I check my tip, I can’t help but notice the excess chalk cracked all over it, which I then have to clean off and re-chalk with the Predator.

Over all I find the Predator Chalk to be a great product at a reasonable price and would highly recommend it. Except to those at my local watering hole.
Reviewed by Hooterd

Messy garbage

This stuff is horrible! I was given a piece of this to try and it's my least favorite I've ever used. It transfers to cue ball like nothing I've ever seen. Huge blue stains all over the ball that gets tracked into the cloth. It also makes spin harder to achieve consistently. I wondered if I had gotten a bad piece but I've seen the same stains left by other people I've played that were using this. I've banned this from being used on my home table because of the stains it causes.
Reviewed by cueistdale

long lasting and cleaner

If you want chalk that holds unto the cue tip for a longer time, has to be used less often and keeps the cloth, shafts and hands cleaner, then I recommend Predator 1080. When less chalk embeds itself between the woven threads of the felt, the object ball angles after the cue ball collision can remain truer to the player's expectations.
Reviewed by Kikx

Much better than Master

This chalk massively outperforms "standard" well-known chalk, its softer, coats better, lasts on tip longer. Yes, Master costs twice lower, but since its still only a few bucks for a bunch of pieces (not like Kamui made of gold), its highly recommended.

I can compare it to NIR chalk, and the last has coarser grain with other qualities at same level, more or less.

Also, 8-grain shape looks fancy)
Reviewed by photoboy2005
photoboy2005 bought
"Predator Chalk 1080 5 Piece Tube"

I suffer from pool players hand

I have been playing pool quite a lot lately. It is my newest addiction. After playing at my local room, or at a sports bar, my right hand would be entirely blue. I feel like a gigantic smurf. Not only was my hand blue after I played. But as it turns out, masters chalk does not wash off that well. the palm of my hand would stay blue for days at a time. After playing with this chalk just 8 hours, I will not be using anything else. The retention with this chalk, even with the standard tip on my cue, has been fantastic. This chalk also washes off easily with just water. No reason to buy anything else.
Reviewed by r_s_pang
r_s_pang bought
"Predator Chalk 1080 5 Piece Tube"

One of the best chalks

Having tried most of the chalks on the market from cheap to very expensive, this predator chalk ranks at the top on my table. It's not messy, its sticks, it stays and I have been able to execute spin with a lot more confidence. Miscues are very very rare. I've stocked up on this chalk now as it's the best for my game / equipment.

Note: Master was be previous best chalk but loses out due to staying power and consistency.
Reviewed by r_s_pang
r_s_pang bought
"Predator Chalk 1080 5 Piece Tube"

One of the best chalks

Having tried most of the chalks on the market from cheap to very expensive, this predator chalk ranks at the top on my table. It's not messy, its sticks, it stays and I have been able to execute spin with a lot more confidence. Miscues are very very rare. I've stocked up on this chalk now as it's the best for my game / equipment.

Note: Master was be previous best chalk but loses out due to staying power and consistency.
Reviewed by ron26koh
ron26koh bought
"Predator Chalk 1080 5 Piece Tube"

Not bad at all

Bought this chalk last Nov, and been using it for a year now. It's a little messy, but sticks to the tip very well. Overall, I would recommend it.
Reviewed by Gary1972
Gary1972 bought
"Predator Chalk 1080 5 Piece Tube"

Not that great..

I normally dont say this but, Honestly I think Masters goes on my tips smoother and more even then this.. This feels very course and hard .. I find myself spending more time trying to get even amounts on the tip then any other chalk ive used yet.. I normally have masters laying around the table but use Blue Diamond on the nights I play out. Blue Diamond is much smoother and feels more silky and goes on even.. I dont get the hype about this chalk.. I do like the fact its very bright and you can see it on the tip when its on.. But this bright blue might be its downfall because if my tips are not freshly scuffed and are towards the ends of my league nights, You can see the areas that have smoothed over on the tip from playing and the chalk shows these areas as the chalk dont seem to want to stick well.. Also I tried NIR a while back and people complained about it being messy. Well sorry there is another drawback I see as well with this chalk. It tends to get on my hands and shaft more then id like.. Sorry Predator I just dont think you hit the mark with this..
Reviewed by 103Lawrencium
103Lawrencium bought
"Predator Chalk 1080 5 Piece Tube"

Just Chalk

It does coat the tip quite well, but it is still just chalk. I have not seen any real difference from Masters chalk, Blue Diamond, or any of the other ones I have laying around. Its fun to have but to me it makes no real difference
Reviewed by tank69
tank69 bought
"Predator Chalk 1080 5 Piece Tube"

To dusty, doesn't seem to stick to tip as well

I gave this a shot and just didn't like it. It doesn't stick as well as some of the others and it seems to be very dusty and that translates to constant chalking and it being all over the place.
Reviewed by nancewayne

Predator Chalk 1080

I bought a 5 pack and tried it and two other good players tried it. I was using Blue Diamond ($3.00 each piece). The Predator chalk is $2.00+ per piece.

The Predator chalk played VERY similar to the Blue Diamond and stayed on the tip the same amount of time with the same good results for a 1/3 less cost !

I'll buy some more for myself and my buddies.
Reviewed by AdamWK
AdamWK bought
"Predator Chalk 1080 5 Piece Tube"

Bottom shelf chalk

All you're paying for with this chalk is the name and design. It is just as messy, if not messier than Silver Cup and I haven't miscued as much in my whole pool career as I have using this chalk. Spare yourself the disappointment of this overpriced, over-rated propaganda and settle with Blue Diamond or Master for a fraction of the price and double the quality.
Reviewed by spats


I've been playing a long time, but never enjoyed the experience of having the chalk stay on the cue tip so well. The coverage is great, and the duration is outstanding. Now I simply touch up my already well chalked tip.
Reviewed by Jzon007

Not sure what samrrob77 is talking about

I started using this a month or so ago, and since I can notice and extreme improvement in cue ball control. This chalk applies and sticks very nicely. I haven't mis cued since using and when I apply english I can make it extreme. This chalk is the best for the buck that I have found. If I had to give a con..... well I guess I can't because I dont see any.
Reviewed by mkroden
mkroden bought
"Predator Chalk 1080 5 Piece Tube"

1080 chalk

I started using this on Saturday. Sunday, I sold the piece I was using to another player and continued shooting without chalking up again for about 45 minutes before I finally miscued. Hard draws and break shots included. This chalk will not make up for a bad stroke, but it will last a really long time.
Reviewed by samrrob77
samrrob77 bought
"Predator Chalk 1080 5 Piece Tube"

So far not impressed..

I just started using this and like the title say, I'm not impressed. I feel I have to apply more pressure to get this chalk on my tips, but maybe it needs to be used more and broken in? I also believe their miscue test is a myth because we purposely tried extreme english to test it and it miscued like any other chalk would have. I prefer blue diamond and then triangle right now. I will continue using this to see if time will tell and update my review if my opinion changes.
Reviewed by bapoolplayer
bapoolplayer bought
"Predator Chalk 1080 5 Piece Tube"

predator chalk

I normally use Blue Diamond chalk but thought I would try this and I like it very much. the only draw back is it doesnt fit in my chalk holders.
Reviewed by Souforte
Souforte bought
"Predator Chalk 1080 5 Piece Tube"

Bought it from Seyberts

Love it, best chalk for the price.

"Sid: That Pechauer cue is awesome! I really appreciate the deal you gave me. You were right, the leather wrap was meant for this cue. I haven't missed a beat switching from my Meucci. This thing is not only gorgeous but it's a weapon too! I won my match with it last night and I was splitting the pockets. The weight came in at 18.94 oz. on my..."

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