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Blue Diamond Pool Chalk 2pc.

Blue Diamond Pool Chalk 2pc.
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Blue Diamond Chalk 2 piece box is used by top professional and amateur players the world over created from a Longoni secret formula for over 30 years. Blue Diamond Chalk has just now been discovered by players in the USA. Blue Diamond chalk is like a magnetic for cue tips, even on hard to hold chalk tips like Phenolic, and will cure most all your miscue problems allowing you to get more English on the cue ball. Sold as 2 pc. Box
PRICE: $7.63 $6.95
Product ID : BLUED2
Product ID: BLUED2
Color: Blue
Pack Size: 2 Pieces

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by shooter365
shooter365 bought
"Blue Diamond Pool Chalk 2pc."

Good value

Just received this 2pc Blue diamond chalk and appears a good value as others mentioned. Only minor issue on the chalk itself is the center pressing indentation is slightly off on both pieces. Not sure if that will make chalking cue harder to use as it gets used up.
Reviewed by cirlbeck
cirlbeck bought
"Blue Diamond Pool Chalk 2pc."

Blue diamond chalk

Good chalk. Goes on silly smooth and covers the tip well. I have always been a master chalk fan. It's softer than the masters so the cube wears more quickly... You can buy 2 boxes of the masters for what you pay for the 2 pieces of this chalk. So yes it's more expensive but not what I consider outrageous like some of the other chalks.. I haven't noticed it being messy...
Other than it wearing a little faster and the price being more, I have zero complaints.. That was just me being picky... I've been impressed with its performance and have already purchased more of this chalk after first trying it a couple weeks ago.
Reviewed by Lonestar66
Lonestar66 bought
"Blue Diamond Pool Chalk 2pc."

A little messy but works

This stuff works good.. No miss cues at all and don't need to chalks as Much as with Masters.. the one thing I don't like is it's messy and I go and get powder all over my shaft.. Doesn't bother me so much on my actual Play cue cause its carbon fiber.. But my break cue is wood and turning blue lol over all it's good chalk and a step up from Masters
Reviewed by bpagels

my new go to chalk

i wanted a good chalk that was square shaped without breaking the bank and buying kamui for $30. this chalk spreads well and sticks to my toam 2.0 break tip fantastically. it is better than masters or silver cup for sure and worth the price tag of $4 a cube
Reviewed by NorthernArbiter

Perfect for Dry Climates

There is a slightly higher moisture content in Blue Diamond chalk., which is perfect for Dry climates. As the others wrote, this chalk adheres very well.

For me, it's much better than Predator chalk.
Reviewed by r_s_pang
r_s_pang bought
"Blue Diamond Pool Chalk 2pc."

Good Stuff

Good chalk. It sticks and stays on well and lasts quite a while.
Reviewed by REddings

Great chalk

I've been using Blue Diamond chalk for years and love it. If used properly you hardly ever get a miscue. Some of the best chalk around.
Reviewed by Kuyooo
Kuyooo bought
"Blue Diamond Pool Chalk 2pc."

very nice

A really effective piece of chalk to use. I think it is a good upgrade from the typical master's chalk. I feel it is similar to the OB chalk so I have a box of it as back up after using it for awhile. Would highly recommend.
Reviewed by nickhodge
nickhodge bought
"Blue Diamond Pool Chalk 2pc."

Not cheap but good quality

Bought this as upgrade from master chalk, seems better quality. It costs more though.
Reviewed by CParker82

Hands down the BEST chalk ever!

I have played with every brand of chalk from Balabushka chalk to Silver Cup and Blue Diamond is definitely the best in my honest opinion. Since switching to Blue Diamond full time I've experienced way less miscues and fewer chalkings during matches. I highly recommend this awesome chalk to any avid pool player out there!
Reviewed by jnewstrom

Great value

After playing with kamui chalk this is my second favorite and at less than half the price. This is a great buy!
Reviewed by dvidal
dvidal bought
"Blue Diamond Pool Chalk 2pc."

Pricey but Great value

This 2-pack is great value. It holds very well compared to the standard chalks out there and does not require a ton on effort co cover. As a result, it lasts a very long time. I've just opened my second cube after just over a year of 3 days a week playing. Works well on both playing and jump/break cues also. Higly recommended.
Reviewed by ap2ryp
ap2ryp bought
"Blue Diamond Pool Chalk 2pc."

great but a little pricey

quality is noticeable compared to cheap ones. very nice chalk
Reviewed by P00L

Drop in Quality?

If asked a year ago I'd of easily given 4 stars but about 6 months back I had 2 different cubes crack apart at the 1/2 way point and before that they were way messier with residue staining the shaft and my hand. It may have been an inferior batch but at the cost I moved on to Magic Chalk which I've found as good as the "old" Blue and even less transfer onto the cue ball. I've got to rate Blue at 2 based on my last experience but may give it another try down the road.
Reviewed by shibaevs
shibaevs bought
"Blue Diamond Pool Chalk 2pc."

True quality chalk

I've tried tried them all and this chalk is the most consistent and reliable. I play a moderate amount of pool and 3-cushion with this chalk, and it lasts a long time.

I play with fairly hard tips, especially for 3-cushion and this chalk layers evenly on the tip and stays on even after some heavy shots.

Very clean application with less residue from the chalk than other brands.
Reviewed by zmuirbrook
zmuirbrook bought
"Blue Diamond Pool Chalk 2pc."

Great but pricy.

This is great chalk. I usually only chalk once or twice a rack with this stuff. I don't notice much of a shooting advantage over master (if any). But it stays on much longer. Shooting with Master I usually chalk every shot or 2. The only con is its price.
Reviewed by IKON22


Reviewed by slide13
slide13 bought
"Blue Diamond Pool Chalk 2pc."

Worth the price

Yeah, it seems a little expensive for chalk, but considering how long 2pcs will last you it's really about as insignificant of an expense as I can imagine. This stuff just seems to go on smoother and stay in place significantly longer than Masters. After trying it once it's all I use now.
Reviewed by rb111077
rb111077 bought
"Blue Diamond Pool Chalk 2pc."

Blue Diamond

This is by far the best chalk I've used. I've tried Predator, Masters, Silver Cup, Balabushka, & Triangle. By far Blue Diamond is the best. Worth every penny if your a competitive pool player
Reviewed by rhodleng
rhodleng bought
"Blue Diamond Pool Chalk 2pc."

very effective chalk

eliminated the trouble of shot the way it chalks my cues and the english i got on it. love this one.
Reviewed by fingus19
fingus19 bought
"Blue Diamond Pool Chalk 2pc."

Simply the best chalk I have used, period.

I have tried several types of chalk, including MasterChalk and Predator's 1080. Once I tried the Blue Diamond, I was sold. It stays on the tip, and keeps the tip covered. I haven't miscued with this chalk yet, and am very impressed with the consistency. My chosen chalk of choice.
Reviewed by Haytham
Haytham bought
"Blue Diamond Pool Chalk 2pc."

The best

The best chalk I`ve every used , no more miscue , worth the price " trust me :) . The blue diamond chalk is what you need .

Definitely recommended
Reviewed by Yorick9105
Yorick9105 bought
"Blue Diamond Pool Chalk 2pc."

Blue Diamond Chalk

Im playing pool a lot and I use to miscue often and im using that chalk for almost a year and i never miscue anymore because that chalk is awesome.
worth is money ;)
Reviewed by flygon12
flygon12 bought
"Blue Diamond Pool Chalk 2pc."


This chalk is well worth the price. I've been using the same cube for close to a year, and I play everyday. That says a lot about the life of this product. I love it so much, i even call it my "lucky chalk" just to freak out the people I'm playing. No chalk is perfect, though. You still have to chalk up about every two or three shots. It works great on your break cue, too. The only thing that would make this chalk better is if I didn't have to order it online. I hate playing the waiting game. I am very satisfied with this product. The little box it comes in is awesome.
Reviewed by flygon12
flygon12 bought
"Blue Diamond Pool Chalk 2pc."

Awesome Chalk!

I bought this with my first order from this website. I used to only use masters, but now I won't even touch it after trying this chalk. I think it's well worth the price. I play constantly and am a habit chalker, meaning I chalk my cue every shot. I am still on my first cube after 6 months and haven't even put a dent in it. It grips your tip and the cue ball so well. It's less messy than Masters, to boot. I think a case of this would last you a lifetime. It's well worth the price.
Reviewed by ziz9cp

Blue Diamond all the way~

I have always been a fan of Master Chalk and was close to purchasing a 144 case, until a review made me curious of the Longoni Blue Diamond Chalk. Trying just one piece, I bought an entire case from the local dealer.

It certainly is more creamy and moist than the Master Chalk, which is very dry and dusty. It adheres to the tip like peanut butter to bread. However, it does absorb moisture more easily than Master Chalk, and me living in a humid country, tends to be a bit of a problem in my opinion. Some people love it that way though, can't complain much there!

Every single stroke is like a brand new, freshly chalked hit. A buddy of mine and I decided to test the chalk's "endurance" by chalking once and playing on without re-chalking. We lasted a good 5-racks before my buddy miscued and the tip started to show through the chalk - not bad in my opinion!

It's cleaner than most chalks and your shaft and ferrule remain unblemished - easy to clean off the shaft and cue as well if it gets on it. Pretty much stainless, but I haven't logged nearly enough hours on the table with the same chalk and cue to say that - but hopefully, that'll be how it is.

If I were to choose between Master Chalk and Blue Diamond, I would go for Blue Diamond all the way. I would swear by it. Until, of course, some other little piece of chalk comes knocking on my door. Until then, there's no chalk like Blue Diamond.
Reviewed by edward
edward bought
"Blue Diamond Pool Chalk 2pc."

Blue Diamond Pool Chalk

great chalk in my opinion far better than masters or silver chalk adheres great and does not have to be applied after every single stroke, just a couple of scuffs and the tip is chalked. Great product well worth the cash :-)
Reviewed by cwong79
cwong79 bought
"Blue Diamond Pool Chalk 2pc."

Nice chalk

The chalk is definitely a superior product. It seems one application can easily last you 3-4 shots. I've used in on my phenolic jump cue but it seems to adhere the same like masters. Its a great product but the costs is extremely high. You definitely do not want to forget leaving them behind. It doesn't get as messy as masters. All that being said, I probably may not purchase them again. I guess Im a stubborn goat.
Reviewed by moving_afk
moving_afk bought
"Blue Diamond Pool Chalk 2pc."

Cost is not an issue

Blue Diamond is definately lasting chalk. I've had mine for six months and hardly put much of a dent in the first piece. I typically have to chalk up less with this chalk. It's cleaner less gets on the shaft. The price also helped me eliminate my nasty chalking habits like trying to drill through to China each time I chalked up. Also find that I won't leave this chalk at the table. This all adds up to mean that I will actually spend less per year for a superior product.
Reviewed by terminal_288
terminal_288 bought
"Blue Diamond Pool Chalk 2pc."

To Chalk or Not To Chalk...

Its good chalk what more can I say that hasn't already been said so lets break it down.
1)it sticks well to any tip I've played with hard, soft, leather, phenolic.
2)it lasts, if you don't chalk every shot or forget don"t worry its cool.
3)not to messy sure its blue but i don't clean my shafts that often and so far they aren't turning blue.

All in all its chalk good chalk.
Reviewed by ronis

Fantastic chalk

My friend got it for my as he heard that many pros prefer this brand. IMHO this chalk holds on a cue tip much better than Master, which I've been using before. It's a bit more expensive than Master but it's well worth the money
Reviewed by hanicq

still undecided

i bought a 2 pack of blue diamond figuring id check it out and see what all the fuss is about. ive been using blue triangle for about 6 yrs or so and have really liked the results other than a miscue from time to time. ive shot for probably about 10 hrs since i bought this and while i cant say that its helped or hurt my cue ball action, it definately sticks to my tip a lot better than triangle ever did. so if thats the only benefit im gonna get from it, i dont know if this is something that im gonna buy again simply cause of the cost of 2 pcs of this where i could get a couple 12 packs of triangle.
Reviewed by arghoge
arghoge bought
"Blue Diamond Pool Chalk 2pc."

Fantastic chalk

Great chalk, adheres well to tips and offsets very little onto cloth. Does not seem to be as well shaped as NIR but still prefer it.
Reviewed by JBrillo11254
JBrillo11254 bought
"Blue Diamond Pool Chalk 2pc."

Blue Dimond Chalk

I was introduced to Blue Dimond Chalk about three years ago. A friend suggested that I give it a try and gave me a cube. After putting it in play for about 3 months, I noticed that I was getting more movement and action on the cue ball, miscues were down, and this stuff was sticking to everything. Needless to say, I haven't gone back to Masters chalk, or any other chalk since. Well worth the money!
Reviewed by xtrempickup
xtrempickup bought
"Blue Diamond Pool Chalk 2pc."

good stuff

i have used this and found it to be a good quality chalk. a little pricey, but does the job. would be better in various colors, but not problems at all
Reviewed by BBBrock
BBBrock bought
"Blue Diamond Pool Chalk 2pc."

I like it!

Honestly I'm not convinced it's a "better" chalk or I mis cue less with it but I'll tell you what when I used masters chalk after every match my left hand (which is the hand I chalk with) would be blue inside. After a mtch with blue diamond my hand is still clean. Totally worth the extra cash.
Reviewed by abfloyd1971

great chalk

i use to only use masters chalk but had been getting bad chalk from them so i tried blue diamond and have been pleased since
Reviewed by longhoang27
longhoang27 bought
"Blue Diamond Pool Chalk 2pc."

Great chalk

I bought a 2 pack of this chalk because I needed a few more dollars for free shipping, and it ended up being the best part of my purchase. It is kind of pricey, but for how long chalk lasts for I feel like it was more than worth the money.
Reviewed by Souforte

diamond chalk

If you do not care about $$,...go for this is the best chalk you will find,...

* Less miscues
* Stay on tip longer
* Works good with both leather or phenolic tips
* You need to chalk the tip less times during a game

The negative aspects are only:

* Price
* Should be available in silver, cleanest of all the colors and shows up less than blue on cloth, brushes and wipes away very easily if it gets on anything.It has less of a tendency to stain the shaft and not nearly as visible less disgusting when it gets on your hands as well.
Reviewed by ahimsa32fa

Blue Diamond chalk

I used and prefered Master chalk for all of my 56 years playing pool, until I tried the Blue Diamond chalk this year. I find that I have to chalk up far less often and I don't have to clean my hands or my shaft as often as with the other, softer chalks. Plus I get just as much spin as with any other chalk. As a BCA/ACS Certified Level 2 Instructor, I'm now recommending Blue Diamond chalk to my students.
Reviewed by brokenarrowjbe

best chalk for the price

This chalk is hands down worth the money. Makes the phenolic tip on my buddy's break cue almost as good as a leather tip for control on breaking. Stays on playing cue without needing to be ground in, stays on tip, not on table.
Reviewed by Lillis

Super Chalk !!

I purchased Blue Diamond chalk after a friend suggested to try it...I was really impressed the difference it made on drawing the ball, with a lighter stroke.I had a whole box of Masters that I gave away,and orderd 3 more boxes of Blue Diamond.
Reviewed by

Good Chalk

Bought a couple of blocks and it is really good, however I will be going back to Masters as I really see no difference between the two other than the price. That being said both kids miscued less with this chalk so it may have something to do with different cue actions as well.
Reviewed by tfw314

the best there is!!

I purchased two cubes to try and must say I will not use anything else ever again, holds so much better than anything else. Excellant chalk.
Reviewed by RichLec
RichLec bought
"Blue Diamond Pool Chalk 2pc."

Great Chalk

Purchased this chalk for the first time. Mainly used masters before this but i will say, I WILL NOT be going back to masters. Blue Diamond just holds so much better!

"Simple and short ... You are the best! :)"

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