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Accu-Rack Solo 8, 9, 10 Ball Flat Template

Accu-Rack Solo 8, 9, 10 Ball Flat Template
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The Accu-Rack Solo all in one 8, 9, and 10 ball rack template. This single rack is designed to rack 8 ball , 9 ball, and 10 ball. This rack lays flat on the table and the balls are rested on top. Constructed from polyester slurry coated materials and uses proprietary geometry to make sure that your rack is fair and tight to deliver the best rack before you break. The materials used make sure The Accu-Rack can last months longer than any other template rack like it.
Product ID : SOLOF
Product ID: SOLOF
Configuration: 8 Ball

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Reviewed by Thrash
Thrash bought
"Accu-Rack Solo 8, 9, 10 Ball Flat Template"

Accu-Rack by Outsville (8/9/10)

I could not be more pleased with this purchase, Outsville makes one heck of a template. I remember playing with the original plastic magic racks; Outsville’s cloth-like material will last just as long if cared for properly and not abused. You won’t want to play another $$$ set with a triangle again!

"Just letting you know my Predator 8 point SP arrived today. It's perfect, exactly what I expected. It plays every bit as good as my Schon original Black Widow 1. Was pleased to see that when I opened the package the cue and joint protectors were inside the case I ordered, knowing how UPS is SO CAREFUL in handling packages I was hoping that you w..."

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