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Accu-Rack Combo Set

Accu-Rack Combo Set
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The Accu-Rack is laid flat on the table and the balls are rested on top of the template. Constructed from polyester slurry coated materials and uses proprietary geometry to make sure that your rack is fair and tight to deliver the best rack before you break. The materials used make sure The Accu-Rack can last months longer than any other template rack like it. Combo set includes all templates needed to play pool games.
Product ID : ARF
Product ID: ARF
Configuration: 10 Ball
Configuration: 8 Ball
Configuration: 9 Ball

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Included in this set:

  • Table Saver/Break pad
  • 3 Ball speed ball template
  • 8 Ball rack template
  • 9 Ball rack template
  • 10 ball rack template


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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Lonestar66
Lonestar66 bought
"Accu-Rack Combo Set"


Very pleased with these.. Balls are tight .. Worked as advertised with every rack..
Reviewed by twentyforteen
twentyforteen bought
"Accu-Rack Combo Set"

a great set

every rack holds the balls perfectly the table saver and 3 ball pool rack are brilliant I'll be able to use these very soon
Reviewed by ap2ryp
ap2ryp bought
"Accu-Rack Combo Set"

accu-rack combo set

great set and by far the best rack. i find it easier to use it that others. way better than the magic rack forsure
Reviewed by Pods
Pods bought
"Accu-Rack Combo Set"

Accu-Rack Combo Set

Best racks by far! Locks the balls together. Easier to load than others. You can play right over it with speed, however, like others, it will affect slow balls. But most importantly, it breaks much more consistent than the other templates I have used. Get one of these if you want to elevate your game.
Reviewed by aschneider1105
aschneider1105 bought
"Accu-Rack Combo Set"

AccuRack: Best In Show

The AccuRack set blows the competition away. Prior to purchasing this set, I acquired a set of Magic Rack racks, and I thought those were pretty fantastic at first, but over time it started to become more difficult to achieve a perfectly tight rack every time. The 9 and 10 ball racks alone are just brilliant, and racking with them is a snap. No wonder pro tournaments all over the world are turning to AccuRacks.

I was nervous with the Solo combination rack, thinking there was no way it was going to provide the same rack tightness for 9, 10, and 8-ball racks. This was the biggest surprise of the whole thing, because it was a perfectly tight rack on all of them.

The Table Saver break pad is a nice feature too. If you care about the cloth you're shooting on, this is a must-have.

They're designed to work with worn-out balls as well, so you can feel confident taking it to your local hall and getting that beautiful, consistent rack you simply can't get with the old plastic triangle. And the material will definitely last longer than it's vinyl competitors.

A++ pro-level kit, would highly recommend, will absolutely be buying again when they finally wear out, but that'll be a long while from now.

"I have no issues with anything I order and I am happy with everything I get "

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