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A Pool Player's Journey Dale F Brandt

A Pool Player's Journey Dale F Brandt
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A Pool Player's Journey - In Pursuit Of Excellence by Dale F. Brandt. This book presents the game of pool as a body and mind experience that must be kept in sync. Physical concepts are presented in detail, but the author argues that in order to achieve maximum performance, psychological, intellectual and emotional elements must be incorporated into the player's development. In order to integrate physical, intellectual and emotional growth into a program for advancement, problems with hustling, gambling, alcoholism and drug abuse are addressed. The text suggests that positive lifestyle choices put the player into the endless pursuit of achieving excellence and competitive greatness.
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Product ID: PPJBK
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Seeking to sharpen his skills, lifetime pool player Dale Brandt traveled a path of self-improvement, discovering that success on the felt requires more than just a steady hand. In this innovative guide is for the eager and open-minded player, ready for an unusual adventure - as Mr. Brandt says bluntly, "Hustlers need not read this book." Brandt explores the mysteries of the game, "not only the science of physics and the mathematical relationships between objects but also the science of human psychology and Zen-like mysteries of the self." Discovering similarities to martial arts training in the mental discipline and focus necessary for success, Mr. Brandt advocates for public recognition of a clean, honest and organized sport. The player who follows Mr. Brandt's insights develops the habits that drive success on and off the felt.


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"A Pool Player's Journey Dale F Brandt"

A Pool Player's Journey

This book is more about what you need to do...Not about how to do it. Still a few good takeaways from it.

"I am contacting you, to share that my current order has me feeling, "extremely satisfied". Cary has been cheerful and upbeat every time i have called your toll free # over the last week. Whether, it was concerning this ongoing order, or other products i hope to purchase soon."

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