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ReChalkz Cue Pocket Chalker

ReChalkz Cue Pocket Chalker
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The ReChalkz made by Renewed Flatz rubber pocket chalker is made out of recycled inner tubes, not the tires. This provides a supple feel that grips pant pockets and feels just like leather.
PRICE: $14.95 $7.95
Product ID : RCHALKZ
Holds: Cubed / Octagon
Holder Type: Pocket Chalker

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ReChalkz Pocket Chalker is made from 100% recycled rubber making it the most environmental efficient product of its kind and keeping thousands of old bike tires out of our landfills. This chalker works with any size or shape of chalk including the smaller Kamui chalk or the octagonal Predator chalk. Functional and stylish it is sure to get the job done and keep your chalk secure within your grasp. Made in the USA.


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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by jalexander529
jalexander529 bought
"ReChalkz Cue Pocket Chalker"

I love it

This has been a life saver because it can be used with any chalk of any size.
Reviewed by renewedflatz


Finally, A pocket chalker that holds my 8-sided Predator chalk! My husband plays with Kamui chalk and he uses a ReChalkz too because the rubber grips all chalk sizes.
Reviewed by brucerboepple

Great chalker!

It holds the chalk perfectly and is easy to change the chalk. It doesn't fall out of my pocket like my old chalker used to because it grips the pocket. I use it as my 8-ball marker in my APA matches to mark my pocket too. Feels cool and keeps chalk from marking up my pants. Cool factor is a 10.

"Thank-you very much!!! I ordered Simonis 7' HR cloth. Received it in just two days. I had a local professional pool table maintainer (does all the bar tables for a vending company for years) to put on the cloth, during the installation he notice a stain in the cloth, which is minor for playing on it, but it is something you will can always see w..."

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