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Diamond Pool Tables - Pro Am Diamond Pool Tables

IN STOCK - Diamond Pool Tables have been through over 100 major tournaments and many changes and refinements. Because DIAMOND pool tables were truly designed by players for players and not by manufacturers, it contains design features found in no other table in existence, features which make each DIAMOND table the standard of the industry for tournament play, for commercial pool rooms and for the home. Every facet of the DIAMOND table is manufactured to exacting standards. Carefully sculptured from solid hardwoods, each table is pre-assembled at the factory by hand and tested to assure that strict specifications are met. These rigid specifications and a large amount of hand craftsmanship mean that the DIAMOND pool table will never be a mass production unit. It will be produced only at a volume that assures the very highest quality for each unit. DIAMONDS craftsmanship and philosophy encompasses each element of any single game of billiards, including the lighting, the balls, the cloth and even how comfortably the players sit between runs on the table.

Diamond Pool Tables -  7ft Pro-Am Pool Table - Oak Walnut
Oak with Walnut Finish 7 Foot Diamond Billiards Pro-Am...
$6,999.00 $4,900.00

Diamond Pool Tables - 7ft Pro-Am Pool Table - Charcoal Dymalux
Charcoal Dymalux 7 Foot Diamond Billiards Pro-Am pool...
$6,999.00 $4,900.00

Diamond Pool Tables - 7ft Pro-Am Pool Table - Rosewood Dymalux
Rosewood Dymalux 7 Foot Diamond Billiards Pro-Am pool...
$6,999.00 $4,900.00

Diamond Billiards Single Tray Pool Ball Polisher
Item - DSBP
Diamond Billiards Single tray ball polisher. This...
$699.00 $500.00


"Ok Sid, you were 100% correct, I'm floored over the way this thing performs! I have never tried any cue that was lighter than 20oz. With this I think that I could have went lighter yet than the 19.5or so you set up for me. Took about 2hrs. of toying with it to really start to get the grasp, but I used it in comp. play last night to play 9 ball i..."

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